Medical and office NAUTILUS

Nautilus is a submarine belonging to a fictional Captain Nemo from the novels of Jules Verne. Now, its office counterpart is being constructed in Kraków.

Mobilis in mobili – this is the motto of Captain Nemo, it means “moving amidst mobility”. A modern office building, constructed in the area of Krakow Technology Park is being constructed under this banner. NAUTILUS is the first building in twin complex NAUTILUS-AQUARIUS, realised by ABP Investments Sp z o.o.

Offices and medicine

The building offers about 6,000 m2 of medical and office A-class space. Its main tenant will be a head office of a net of medical laboratories, located all through Poland, DIAGNOSTYKA. It is thanks to that company that the building’s specification was chosen. Putting medical rooms in the object has caused a necessity of implementing individual solutions. Thanks to the technology used, the building offers, among other things, increased carrying capacity of the ceilings (6,2 kN/mkw), height of the storeys on the level of 3 metres and unconventional installation solutions. The building lets the tenants – some of whom could be also from the healthcare sector – install heavier equipment and specialised gear (medical, archives) with maintaining the specificity demanded of medical space – says Grzegorz Polus, Marketing Representative of the Board in ABP Investments.

The investor, together with design team from Q ARCH studio and general contractor – Re-Bau company, has taken to combining medical and office space. That task required a reliable and precise cooperation between the engaged subjects during all the stages of the project. As Grzegorz Polus adds: This cooperation still produces some good effects during the construction process, which has been going on very smoothly. The concept of combining and using medical and office space was not a big problem for us as investors. Thanks to the cooperation with DIAGNOSTYKA and good knowledge of formal and functional needs of medical companies, we have a rich know-how, thanks to which we not only can meet the requirements of combining said space, but also propose some solutions ourselves.

A-class space

Interiors in the object are constructed in open space system, which will allow the future tenants to freely arrange their space. On the ground floor there is space for a hall which will be a showcase of the object. For the users of NAUTILUS there will be parking lots, offering 188 spaces.

Office space of NAUTILUS, designed according to A-class standards, offers very elastic conditions of planning and independent arrangement. Practically all of the space has access to sunlight, and good interior communication is provided by two staircases and three modern elevators, reaching underground storeys, where the garages are located – says Grzegorz Polus.

Among the building’s furnishings there are optical fibre links, ventilation and air-conditioning systems, suspended ceilings and measurement of the media. To ensure the safety, there are smoke and heat sensors and video surveillance. Additionally, the building will have twenty-four-hour security.

In the heart of KTP

Nautilus is located in the area of Krakow Technology Park, in proximity of the city centre – about 4 km from the Main Market Square. In the neighbourhood there are stops of the city transportation. The building can be reached from Aleje Jana Pawła II and Bora-Komorowskiego and Stelli-Sawickiego streets. The object is entered through Aleja Parku Technologicznego.

The office building is located in the Kraków’s Special Economic Zone, administered by Krakow Technology Park. The zone will function until 2020. It is devoted mainly to the companies from the industry sector (excluding the production of licensed products) and to some companies from the services sector. The privilege of the zone can be used by medical services, IT services, research and development services of the natural and technical sciences, bookkeeping services and phone centre services. Companies, which have been allowed to work in the zone can use public assistance packages.

The next steps?

The main tenant of the object will be DIAGNOSTYKA. The investor is conducting negotiations with other possible tenants, with help of experienced partners. Kraków currently has a lot of free office space and that issue appears during our talks with possible tenants. But most of them consider our proposal, not only because of the conditions, offered by NAUTILUS, but also because of its localisation – good transportation, quick access to the city centre, proximity of the Kraków Główny railway station, ring road of Kraków and Balice airport – says Grzegorz Polus.

The building is the first one in twin complex, and for now ABP Investments company has not yet made any decisions considering the realisation of the second stage. As Grzegorz Polus notes: It is too early to speak of any concrete dates. For now we want to focus on current realisation, so that NAUTILUS can meet the expectations and earn the name of reference building in its class. Its twin AQUARIUS – should join in a few years.

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