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Piastowska 44 office building in Kraków
Piastowska 44 office building in Kraków
Most of the modern realisations offer big office spaces, open space systems, and all of that in the immediate proximity of the biggest streets in the city. However, some of the tenants look for cosy investments, located in peaceful, green areas.

Who is looking for smaller, elegant office spaces in quiet and calm location? Usually, the companies providing legal and advising services, design studios or modern, newly created companies with a big potential. Current trends include most frequently big, glassed-in office buildings offering open spaces. However, places, which will satisfy smaller or more exclusive tenants can also be found in the city. A good example is Piastowska 44 office building, located in attractive part of Kraków – Krowodrza.

The localisation shows the prestige

Office building, belonging to SOLIDEX company, is located on a street cutting across busy Armii Krajowej street. At the same time, it is surrounded by green, quiet and peaceful area, which guarantees comfortable working conditions for the employees.

Piastowska 44 is located in the centre of so-called “student city”, which has very good communication – bus and tram – with other parts of the city. Near the office building there are such services as gas station and commercial and service places. In the neighbourhood of  Piastowska 44 there are other office buildings and many academic institutions.

Additionally, a proximity of A4 highway guarantees a good connection to many parts of the country. Less than a quarter by car there is International Airport Kraków–Balice, which allows free communication with other European cities.

A bit of history

SOLIDEX company noticed a potential laying in an abandoned place located on Piastowska 44 and in 1991 it decided to invest in it, though at the time there was not even a roof over the building. Now office spaces, created inside, are waiting for tenants.

Cosy solutions

Piastowska 44 is a modernist, cosy place which strongly differs from the appearance of currently constructed large and spacious office buildings. Inside of it, there are four independent offices, created with attention to details. There is high quality decor – for example bamboo floors and window woodwork made from tropical wood.

All of the offered places is ready to be adapted into exclusive office, design studio or to be given to a developing, modern company. Thanks to the interiors being only partly furnished, there is liberty to finish them freely. On the upper storeys there are 110 m2 offices and on the ground floor there is a service space taking up 75 m2, in which for example a hair salon or travel agency can be located.

Kraków – a city attractive to investors

SOLIDEX company since 1990 is designing, building and maintaining network systems of free scale and complexity, devoted to any sector of economy.

Investor stresses, that factors, which make the city attractive in the office real estate sector are, among other things, job market condition and the support Centrum Obsługi Inwestora gives companies which want to invest in and realise office spaces. Moreover, the state of Kraków’s road infrastructure is improving and the city is considered a capital among the cities of the region.

SOLIDEX proves that on the contemporary market there is a place for cosy objects like Piastowska 44, as well as bigger ones, for which the example can be extremely characteristic Tęczowy Biurowiec, also belonging to the company.

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Michał K. :
Ciekawa inwestycja, kameralny obiekt, ale ładnie się prezentuje.
June 5, 2013 at 4:00 PM