Do not waste your time on empty walls!


The interior of the Warsaw branch of Office Plus
The interior of the Warsaw branch of Office Plus
A decoration of company walls constitutes an essential element which co-creates an atmosphere in the office. Properly selected may have an impact on a better activity of a team and it may also help to relax in places intended to rest.

Mikomax Smart Office surveys prove that personnel’s needs concerning well arranged office space do not always correspond with employers’ understanding – every fifth respondent agreed with the statement that his present office encourages him to an effective activity. According to Cushman & Wakefield analysis, 56 per cent of companies planning a removal consider changes in an office’s arrangement, trusting that it will influence a better effectiveness of a team. General renovation takes time and outlays, whereas only few thoughtful details are enough not only to decorate so far boring walls, but also to motivate the personnel to work.

Paintings and posters

Large-format graphics are currently very popular in office interiors. They are inspired by commonly known works of art as well as very informal graphics elements. Moreover, themes related to big metropolises such as: London, New York or Paris arouse a great interest. Interesting arrangement recalls Mikołaj Foks, PR Manager of Office Plus company: one of our clients had large-format tree pictures placed on his walls – sitting on the computer he could feel as in a wood.

In places which require an intensive intellectual effort, assigned to intently work, posters connected with work direction as well as dampening paintings in a calm colouring will be a good choice. They will improve the concentration on aim and focus the attention on what we should achieve. However, there is a difference in an relaxation area – here it is worth to decorate the walls with illustrations which present laughing faces or funny situations. Certainly, they will amuse tired employees and will have an unwinding effect – convinces Kornelia Mrozek, psychologist who runs workshops which increase the motivation to act and activate professionally.

A sense of security and relaxation should be also provided by training classes and places in which we meet with applicants. It is wise to decorate them with pleasing to the eye landscapes or views. However, it is not a good idea to use abstractions here. I would advise to resign from too abstractive graphics. They may distract listeners attention from the meeting’s aim – prompts Dr Beata Kozak, psychologist and business trainer.

Private photographs on office desk?

Additions associated with own house make that employees feel more comfortable in a company which affects, in turn, their creativity. During a tiring and long hours work, photographs of relatives, children’s drawings or souvenirs may be helpful. They trigger positive emotions necessary as light and oxygen for acting – convinces Beata Kozak. Furthermore, private photographs on office desk may work motivating, encourage to accept a greater amount of tasks so as to better satisfy our and our relatives’ needs in the future.

Two sides of a mirror

An interesting decoration of office walls are mirrors which optically enlarge and lighten the space. Additionally, thanks to their untypical shapes and characteristic frames (for instance, in fashionable colours), they emphasise a decoration of an interior. However, it is not advisable to put them in places where we have to focus. They may distract and catch the eye unnecessarily.

An office space should be diverse – it must hold places for both individual and group work; stimulate creativity but also favour concentration; combine functionality with satisfying of aesthetical and emotional needs. Remembering about that fact, it is worth to consider the introduction of slight differences in the office or the modification of our tastes in favour of employees’ well-being. 

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