ECO Q22 office facade in Warsaw


Q22 in Warsaw, pic Echo Investment
Q22 skyscraper, which is located at Jan Paweł II Avenue in Warsaw, was designed by prof Stefan Kuryłowicz, pic Echo Investment
An energy-saving Q22 office, which is being realized by Echo Investment, is one of the most interesting architectural projects currently arising in the capital. Its structure will look like a quartz crystal.

Q22 skyscraper, located at Jan Paweł II Avenue in Warsaw, was designed in Kuryłowicz & Associates studio. A 155-meter high skyscraper will offer 50 000 sq. m of office area. There will be also a 30-meter and fully glazed lobby with reception, café and shopping arcade as well as upper part with multi-level offices and glazed roof. The commission of the building is planned on the first quarter of 2016.


Visually, the office will be distinguished by an original solid resembling a quartz crystal. Its facade and part of the roof will be made from glass produced by Guardian company. Moreover, the glass will be characterized by a high clearness and selectivity, large-than-average sun and thermal protection and it will provide an access to a daylight.


In order to build a glazed elevation of Q22 office, three-glass sets will be used. They will provide a very good thermal isolation to the building. Even in case of the largest glazing, the value of the heat transfer coefficient will maintain on the level of Ug=0,5 W/(m2K). Additionally, the application of SunGuard and ClimaGuard Premium glass will contribute to the reduction of risk concerning overheating in office rooms, as this glass impedes the transmitting of energy from sun radiation. It is important that the value of g coefficient (so called Solar Factor) will not exceed 0,35. Therefore, it will be consistent with the newest Polish regulations.


The application of large-space glazing will make that people occupying the office will be able to admire undisturbed panorama of Warsaw. The glazing which are made from SunGuard and ClimaGuard glass are characterized by clear color, good transparency and high level of color reproduction. Moreover, all coats are applied on ExtraClear Plus base glass in order to maintain even greater neutrality and better colors. It is particularly important in case of thick sets with high mass which are going to be applied in Q22.


The endurance of large-format glass facades directly translates itself into safety of people occupying the building and its surroundings. Furthermore, bearing in mind that the heaviest glass sets in Q22 office will weigh nearly 100 kilograms per each sq. m, all glass elements will be hardened in order to strengthen them.

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