New offices of Xplan


Xplan office in Warsaw
The main registered office of the company is located in Warsaw Concept Tower office
Xplan company, a general contractor of fit out works, opened two new offices – in Concept Tower and Neptun Office Center.

The main registered office of the company is located in Warsaw Concept Tower office, which was built by Concept Development. The colorful office of the partnership occupies nearly 300 sq. m there. We wanted our headquarters to reflect the company's spirits. Moreover, a soft interior was completed by crazy and colorful accents and fancy furniture. Hokers, which resemble cockhorses – like those from our childhood, arouse great furor among guests and employees. We also decided to arrange some places in which business meetings could be held because there are many meetings with clients and work contractors in our office. Moreover, a relaxation zone for employees was also important in the whole project. We arranged a big kitchen, in which a meal may be eaten and everyone may relax on a comfortable couch – said Zuzanna Wiak, Marketing & Development Manager in Xplan. All accessories in the office were maintained in vivid colors which are typical for coloring of Xplan logotype.


Furthermore, vivid colors were also chosen in Gdańsk office of the partnership which is located in Neptun Office Center, a structure built by Hines Poland. Tricity office, which is placed on the fourth floor of the building, occupies ca. 100 sq. m.


Concept Tower is a 15-tier office building, which offers ca. 8 500 sq. m of rentable and modern area. Moreover, there are 16 000 sq. m of office space class A in a 19-tier Neptun Office Center.  

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