Traineeship as a chance for both sides


Summer months are the best time for students to participate in traineeships and internships which allow them to concentrate on their future career and gain new skills, especially that 70 per cent of students believe that universities do not prepare them sufficiently in the area of looking for a job.

Trainees most frequently devote their three summer months to undergo trainings and internships. It is also a period when companies give a chance to young people to experience a real work environment. Our company is opening the 16th edition of the program of summer traineeships this year – comments Mariola Raudo, Chairman for Recruitment and HR Business Partner in Nestlé Poland. 


Moreover, traineeships are an opportunity for students to gain some experience and necessary qualifications as well as to know the needs of a future employer. It is particularly important since – according to the „First steps on the labor market. All-Polish research of students and graduates” report prepared by Deloitte – 70 per cent of students believe that they are not trained during their studies how to look for a job. The studies are mainly focused on theory.


All traineeships should be payable. It is not only about engagement because young people can participate in traineeships for free in order to gain knowledge. Many times – just like in our case – the trainees arrive from far-flung parts of Poland and they have to make their living, rent flats. If a traineeship is well-planned, they perform a concrete job and they should receive a salary for it – believes Mariola Raudo.   


In spite of the fact that Polish employers more frequently offer payable traineeships, there are still some people who demand a payment from young people whereas the offer of a traineeship is a chance for both students and employers. After all, 80 per cent of employers have some difficulties in finding people with adequate qualifications. The establishment of posts for trainees allows to obtain new employees who were given a chance to demonstrate their abilities on a particular post.


In case of our company, 40-50 per cent of all trainees stay with us for longer. We believe in people inside the organization, we promote them and we also have many so called initial posts. If there is such a possibility, we offer posts to those trainees who can and want to stay in the company – says expert in Nestlé.


According to research conducted by Deloitte, students appreciate traineeships and internships. 74 per cent of respondents underwent trainings in Poland which were related to their fields of study and 56 per cent participated in other programs offered by employers. Moreover, they also evaluate their efficiency really high – 71 per cent of them considered traineeships as very efficient.     


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