Ambitious plans of the investors form Tricity.

There are plans to create a busienss center in Oliwa modeled on Mokotów in Warszawa.

There is a lot going on in Tricity

In "Rynek nieruchomości biurowych w Polsce – II kw. 2011" (The Office Space Market in Poland – II qu. 2011) analysts Jones Lang LaSalle demonstrate that in the middle of the year there are nearly 340 thousand square meters under construction. One of the places where there is the greatest space being build is Tricity. This year's supply of new office space in the urban complex amounts to over 41 thousand square meters. Comparing to the previous year it is an increase by nearly one seventh. From the perspective of a commercial developer I can say that business in Tricity is growing dynamically – confirms Maciej Kotarski, representative of the investor of Olivia Business Centre. The first building of OBC – Olivia Gate will provide 18 thousand square meters, that is half of this year's space on the market in Tricity.

In the second half of 2011 and in 2012 the situation of the office space market should be even better. Another investments increasing the supply will be commissioned to use then. In the fourth quarter of the year construction of the first out of five buildings belonging to BCB Business Park – B1 (the third floor of the building is now under construction) will be completed. Tenants will enter the 9 thousand square meters of modern office space in the second half of 2012. That is also the time when building B2 will be completed. Buildings B3, B4 and B5 will be completed respectively in 2013, 2014 and 2015. Before Euro 2012 a part of the AmberExpo complex will be completed; it is an investment of MTG, located nearby the PGE Arena in Gdańsk. In addition to the office building the investor planned an exhibition hall and a conference center which will be used by the representatives of UEFA during the championships. Slightly less new space will be provided in smaller buildings: City Office, built in the headquarters of Gdańsk Science & Technology Park, and Bukowy Park in Wrzeszcz borough. In 2012 modern space will be commissioned to use in Granary Island Business Centre by the river Motława and Opera Office in Wrzeszcz borough.

Pomerania wants to have its City

In recent years in the biggest Polish agglomerations companies were scattered across the whole area. Meeting with other departments of the company usually meant going to a distant part of the city where the growing company found available office space. The situation is slowly changing, a new trend entered the market – business consolidation – which brings creation of urban business districts, so called City. The growth of such areas brings not only concentration of the enterprise, its products and markets but also joining all branches of the enterprise in one place. At present developers commission more and more large-format spaces which provides an opportunity to move offices so far scattered to integrated business centres.

Tenants more and more often do not want to rent a single office but several storeys or a whole building adjusted to individual needs. Such investments appears also in Tricity; however, clearly there are not enough prestigious, high-standard offices in the city centre which would provide modern space for the whole company and comfort for the employees and clients – says Maciej Grabarski, the investor of Olivia Business Centre complex which is being built in Gdańsk. He stresses also the importance of many benefits of integrated business districts which for example make work less stressful. Swimming pool, climbing wall and playing field will be available in Alchemia, the multifunctional complex by Torusa, where ground floors in two office buildings will become sports and recreation centre. Consolidation of several functions in one place is also planned in Bałtyckie Centrum Biznesu where next to office space employees and clients of the Business Park will find restaurants hotel and many more. Organizing conferences or exhibitions will not be a problem as the Center will provide exhibition and congress space. Tenants of Gamma and Omega buildings, realized by Grupa Hossa, a part of multifunctional Garnizon complex, will be able to live and manage their offices in one place. 

The development of the City in Gdańsk may be influenced by scheduled realization of Panorama Business & Retail Park, where there will be an office building at least 120 m high and two hotels. According to predictions Oliwa – northern borough of Gdańsk on the border with Sopot - will take over the function of the City. Concentration of business in one place, unless isolated from the surroundings, will provide a systematic and long-term development of the district and the city. Concentrating one's business in one place provides an opportunity of direct communication among the employees which influences the efficiency of the team and strengthens the bonds - says dr Beata Krawczyk-Bryłka, business psychologist from the Faculty of Management and Economics of the Gdańsk University of Technology. In Oliwa next to office buildings there are also university buildings. Having the University in the neighbourhood is an important factor in business development. Transfer of knowledge is more dynamic and young people can quickly verify their knowledge in actual situations – adds Maciej Grabski stressing the advantages of the location of the office building.

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