Office real estates and their transportation availability

Many investors decide to locate their next investments in the proximity of city arteries providing well transportation.

Because of the problems, caused by building new office real estates close to the city centre, many investors decide to locate their next investments in the proximity of city arteries providing well transportation

One of the examples can be Azbud Office Centre. It is an investment, located in the eastern part of Kraków, on Aleja Pokoju. Despite the fact that the distance from the city centre is quite large, real estate's localisation near one of the main streets of the city guarantees good availability of the office building. On Aleja Pokoju there is heavy traffic, there are also many city transportation stops. The office building consists of service and administrative space. Using open space allows for a free arrangement of office space. In total, the building's space is 26,457 m2. Azbud Office Centre is not the only office building located in that part of the city. Not far there is Biurowiec Nowohucka and the administrative building of Philip Morris company.

In turn, in the north-west part of the city, on Jasnogórska 11 street, Mix Jasnogórska office building is being constructed. Localisation near Rondo Ofiar Katynia, one of the most important junctions in the city, is very attractive. However, currently on the junction are there are renovation works and the access to Jasnogórska street is difficult. That region of Kraków is one of the main zones in the northern part of the city devoted to commercial services. Not far from the office building there is Balice airport and exit roads leading to Katowice, Warsaw and Rzeszów. Planned space of Mix Jasnogórska office building is to be, in total, 7,654 m2. It is important to note, that it is an A-class office building, which will be finished according to the highest standards. Its planned equipment includes, among other things, computer wiring, air-conditioning, suspended ceilings, optical fibres and a telephone switchboard. Planned date of finishing the building is III/IV quarter of 2011.

In the southern part of the city there is Wadowicka 8A office building. It is a three-storey, office, commercial and service B-class building (in 2009 its facade has been renovated). Total space of the real estate is 15,500 m2. Close to the building there are Buma Square, Elbud, Kruszywo, Enion. The real estate is located on. Wadowicka street, a heavy-traffic one. Along Wadowicka street run many trams and buses. Wadowicka street os also an exit road leading to Zakopane, Bielsko-Biała and Cieszyn. Accessing the ring road is also fairly good. The road leads to Katowice and Warsaw highway. Wadowicka 8A office building has video surveillance, telephone wiring and a restaurant. In front of the building there are parking spaces for the tenants (with a possibility of booking), and behind the building - a public access parking lot. Transportation availability and a suitable localisation are the factors, which are extremely important for the office real estates.

Many investors would probably want to realise their new investments in a prestigious localisation, near the Main Square, but in cities such as Kraków it is nearly impossible. The reason is the historic character of the centre. New office investments, located far away from the centre, but close to the junctions and arteries important to the city, do not have to be less attractive. Especially when they have city transportation routes near them.

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