Business parks to Kraków measure

Accumulating a few, or even several commercial buildings close to each other allows for a complete service offer, all in one place.

Business parks are becoming more and more popular - in Poland too. Accumulating a few, or even several commercial buildings close to each other allows for a complete service offer, all in one place. Kraków Business Park, located in Zabierzów, is the biggest space of that type in Poland. Specificity of Lesser Poland's capital causes that the companies are most eager to run their activities near the city centre. To meet their, needs, the developers are building office buildings and incorporating them into traditional city architecture.

In the process of development of commercial investments, many commercial buildings were situated near each other. In Kraków this led to forming a few areas, which can be considered counterparts of business parks, but smaller and located near city centre.

One of Kraków's office complexes is located on the junction of Armii Krajowej and Przybyszewskiego streets. Almost identical office buildings were named after brilliant inventors, they are: Galileo, Newton and Edison. Soon another one – Pascal - will join them. New office building will be smaller than its neighbours. On the seven storeys there will be 5,342 m2 of usable space for lease. Additionally, the developer, Globe Trade Centre SA, offers a possiblity of buying commercial and service space on the ground floor of the building. Localisation of GTC complex in Bronowice offers both good communication with Kraków's centre and good access to A4 highway.

To the east of Main Square, there is another office building complex. In the neighbourhood of the main train station and Galeria Krakowska there are next commercial investments. In the proximity of renovated "Nafta" building and Lubicz Office Center, it is not easy to find a convenient localisation for a modern office building. It was achieved by the authors of M65 Meduza office building, developer company GD&K Group. The building, located at the intersection of Mogilskiej and Cystersów streets, was opened for use just last year. For the companies there was 5,400 m2 of open-space, with the possibility of free arrangement. Meduza's opalescent facade fits in really well with spatial concept of Rondo Mogilskie's surroundings.

Zabłocie also is starting to become a business district. On Dekerta street there is four-storey office building with 10 thousand m2. of usable space. We are talking about Diamante Plaza, built by Spanish group Aldesa. Characteristic form of the building resembles an irregularly shaped diamond. In the case of Diamante Plaza the authors successfully combined aesthetic values with functionality, providing, among other things, storeys 2,8 metres high and 196 parking spaces.

Enterprise Park, consisting of three A-class buildings, is also being built in Zabłocie. Total office space of the business park, created by Avestus Real Estate company (previously Quinlan Private Golub), will reach almost 30 thousand m2. Over 600 parking spaces are planned, and the office buildings will be surrounded with green areas. Building of Enterprise Park stirs hopes for the positive effects of current renovation of the post-industrial district.

Kraków  office complexes in Bronowice, Śródmieście and Zabłocie are a try at combining the city's specificity with the needs of the entrepreneurs. By creating space needed for the development of the companies, they, at the same time, avoid the accusation, made at the biggest business parks in the world - the accusation that business is isolated in the hermetic districts of the cities.

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