Demonstration office


Demonstration office in Quadro Office
The example of demonstration office arranged in Quadro Office
Nowadays, demonstration premises are very often realized in many new offices. What is the purpose of arranging such areas and how can they actually serve to future tenants?

Let us imagine such scenario: you decide to rent or buy an office premises which is commissioned in the finishing developer standard. You go inside and think how can you arrange such space. Unfortunately, you cannot imagine the potential hidden there. And then demonstration offices are very helpful in such situation because they allow you to visualize your future registered office.


Marketing tool

Demonstration office is one of the marketing tools used in office buildings. Clients eagerly examine visualizations of various properties on pictures or films. It is said that nowadays we live in the visual culture and even good marketing descriptions cannot replace a real image. In the epoch of social media and ubiquitous fast information, it is important to introduce your product really quickly and make it interesting. Therefore, high quality films and pictures are always presented in advertisements folders, billboards or websites. They draw attention and remain in the viewers' memory. Potential tenants eagerly examine the visualization of property on picture before investing in particular premises. What is more, the possibility of seeing such office in reality is equally or even more encouraging for them. Such option constitutes a source of knowledge about a certain premises. Potential tenant can examine it even more efficiently when it is introduced to them in all its glory, that is with demonstration equipment. That kind of offer is attractive for clients since it gives them a chance of seeing „in the flesh” the premises which they want to purchase.


The purpose of demonstration office  

Demonstration office presents exemplary arrangement of area, which we intend to buy or rent. Such presentation has an impact on buyers' imagination and present all possibilities of a given premises as well as ways of effective usage of the available area. It also allows to know the features of the office, which are not accessible to clients via pictures or visualizations, e.g. the size of windows and the amount of light coming through it. The possibility of seeing a demonstration office enhances the feeling of security among clients. Therefore, everyone who wants to locate their money in a given structure has a feeling that they know on what they should spend their money.


Nice and functional

What should be taken into consideration while preparing a demonstration office? Certainly it cannot be forgotten that such space is a business card of the whole building. The project should be prepared professionally, having future users in mind. It has to present practical solutions which allow clients to realize the functionality of the building. The exemplary space should look like a comfortable space for work, where every meter can be practically used. Moreover, the aesthetics of such premises is also important. The visual aspect of such space has an impact on the senses of visitors. The project should remain a nice impression and emphasize all assets of the property.


Demonstration office in practice

Demonstration offices are often realized in modern offices in Poland. The example is Quadro Office in Poznań. The project and arrangement of the interior was prepared in one out of 18 offices commissioned in the developer standard. Office, open space, conference room and toilet were designed on 64 sq. m. The project presents the functionality of the structure, the main asset of which are big glazings. People who cannot imagine office without the arranged and ready for work office can visit the exemplary premises and see the suggested setting and arrangement of space. The totality in Quadro Office was designed and performed by Office Projekt from Poznań. Such projects reveal the potential of office space to visitors through usage of creative and modern solutions in the arrangement.


Descriptions and pictures are the commonly used tools in marketing because they have a crucial impact on people' senses and imagination. Demonstration offices, however, exceed them, since potential clients can actually experience the functioning in a given office. They can see what they could not imagine before. Such space allows them to examine the aspects of the building which cannot be presented via photos. This form is attractive for clients because it gives them a sense of security related to the fact that they were familiarized "in the flesh" with the premises they want to invest in.


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