Coziness is needed


Rzeźnicza 16
Quadro Office
More and more modern structures intended for e.g. local businesses or companies which value coziness are realized on the office market.

The first association that comes to mind while talking about a small office is renovated tenement house located at the very heart of the city center. However, it does not necessarily have to be an old building remodeled for a modern office property. It may just as well be a bottom-up office situated away from the noise of the city center realized within one complex. One thing is clear, small office is a structure that offers not so much space for offices. How much exactly? It is difficult to say. Investors and developers who realize investments make a decision on their own whether they have a word „small” in description of their investment. However, it may refer to offered space, character of building as well as its surroundings or even location.


There are more and more office structures of small size intended for e.g. local businesses or companies which search for prestigious places for their offices. When it comes to the first group of receivers, small investments situated around residential development would be the most suitable. These projects are often characterized by a high technical standard – they are equipped with modern technologies and provide a comfort of use through application of glazing delivering a proper amount of daylight. Frequently there is a possibility of dividing space in accordance with the needs of clients in such buildings. The good example is a project of Art-Business Center, whose developer is Art-Deweloper. It is located in the Wrocław Ołtaszyn district at Strachowskiego Street among single-family buildings. This 3-tier structure offers totally 1100 sq. m of service and office space. Another investment located in the neighborhood is a new project of Partner Capital GroupPartner Point – which is located at Życzliwa Street in Wrocław. At present, the second stage of realization is being continued and it will deliver about 2100 sq. m of office space to the market in Wrocław.


Considering the second group of clients, that is companies which search for small investments located in prestigious places, projects located at the very heart of the city center or in close proximity to historical markets would be the most suitable. The buildings located in such locations often refer to the closed development through their architecture. For instance, the office in Wrocław – Rzeźnicza 16 – which will offer 3700 sq. m of leased area, is currently being realized only 200 meter away from the Old City. Architecture of the building will refer to the style of trading houses from the beginning of the 20th c., whereas the solid and elevation will fit the development of the inner-city market in Wrocław. The Poznań office investment of Monday DevelopmentQuadro Office, which is located at the crossroads of Bożnicza and Małe Garbary Streets, is also situated only several minutes away from the Old Market of the capital of Wielkopolska. However, the thing that distinguishes this structure is close proximity to several courts, prosecutor’s office and buildings of public administration. Hence, the project is perfect for a headquarters of legal, solicitor’s or notary’s offices.


Interestingly, a common phenomenon of small office structures is sale of offered area. This trend is noticeable in the case of both new investments located at the very heart of the city center and those located outside the city center. The purchase of the office premises can be a perfect placing of capital within time – these offices may be purchased for somebody’s own behoof or for investment purposes. For instance, there is a chance of buying a premises with an option of its further lease, e.g. to other enterprises in Hexagon – an office which is being realized at Zamknięta Street in the Cracow Podgórze district. Small office investments constitute a complementation of the offer of space available on the market. These are an answer to the needs of companies which search for offices of smaller size as well as those for whom intimacy and prestige are important.


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