A train to your office. Why more and more offices are located in close proximity to railway stations?

West Station
A location of your office still plays a key role from the tenant's point of view. A central location is frequently in decline in favor of a perfect communication. No wonder that the surroundings of railway stations are becoming more and more popular in Poland from year-to-year.


Both GBC and West Station are high class office projects, which provide perfect conditions for running a business thanks to their location and offered facilitations, in respect of international corporations and smaller companies which want to gain and maintain the best employees – says Frnka. Additionally, he points out another, often ignored aspect, related to a convenient location of the office: A location and a good communication of the office are currently one of the most important factors chosen by young people, who make a decision related to employment. In the light of it, the removal of a registered office to a new location situated in close proximity to a chosen railway station, which enables an easy and quick access to work – not only from every district of a city, but also from neighboring boroughs and cities – can be treated as an essential tool of recruitment policy. On the one hand, it significantly extends the group of potential employees. On the other hand, it encourages and enables maintenance of the greatest talents in the company.


In Polish conditions, it is not without a meaning that office investments lead to significant enhancement of aesthetics and functionality of plots located next to railway stations. Thanks to them, public service areas are realized in the neighborhood of railway stations, additional parking spaces, or new road solutions. In some cases, for instance, in West Station in Warsaw, developers have their own contribution in development of the railway infrastructure, which is used by thousands of passengers every day, thanks to cooperation with PKP companies.


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