Office: more interesting than you think

The bar is a sentimental element used by Wyborowa Pernod Ricard from the former registered office
The office used to be associated with a boring room with desks placed in a row. At present, it is much more interesting space.

Conference room as a metro station


A room with a big table where employees discuss various important issues for the company – it is how a conference room can look like. However, the designers have a completely different idea on such places. The example is an explicit project of a new headquarters of Wyborowa Pernod Ricard by Massive Design. Its general contractor is Tétris, which realized a new office of the company in Lumen (Golden Terraces) within 14 weeks. The project of the new registered office envisaged the performance of an untypical conference room reminding a metro station. The arrangement was supposed to depict one of the products of the company, that is the gin of the British roots. We have already performed a stimulator for playing golf, or professional recording studio, but metro station was something that we built for the first time – says Maciej Duda, Operational Director of Tétris. Both original graphics and logotypes were placed in the office space stylized for a metro station. Additionally, an effect of three-dimensional door, which simulates an opening metro wagon, was created. The preparation of special curves of the walls, which respond to the rounded tunnels of metro, or natural setting of tales on the arches of the walls posed a big challenge to the general contractor. However, it was worth taking the effort to achieve a realistic appearance of this place.


Sentimental elements in a meeting room


Among different office areas, it is important to plan a room where a bigger meeting or presentation can be organized. In the case of the new office of Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, it is a professionally equipped bar. We have installed the lightning, which allows to arrange any meeting for formal as well as less formal events. Additionally, we have implemented special soundproofing in the floor, on the walls and in the ceilings in order not to disturb the other users of the buildings – says Maciej Duda, Tétris. A bar is a sentimental element, which the company decided to remove from their former registered office and to refine it. Interestingly, its construction is big enough to allow simultaneous work of 6-8 bartenders. While removing the headquarters to another office it is sometimes worth repeating a motif or using an element, which has already been used and which constitutes a sentimental value for the employees.



See a short movie presenting a new office of Wyborowa PernodRicard:



Office: occupational home


How to choose a leitmotif for your office? How to draw inspiration? There are as many ideas as designs of the office. One of them can be the return to a brand of a given company, its products, or areas of business activity. The general contractor of the company, that is Tétris, used this approach. The office is our occupational home because we spend there the major part of our occupational life. Tétris examined the hidden and often unarticulated needs related to the specifics of our business activity during the realization and suggested some solutions adjusted to the prestige of the company as well as to the reputation of brands of the products – says Andrzej Szumowski, Deputy Director of the Member Board of Wyborowa Pernod Ricard, summing up the removal.


Travel through Polishness


Another interesting motif of decoration in the office are references to regional accents. The best example is the office of JLL, which includes Polish national motifs to the modern architecture. According to the surveys conducted among employees, they would like the decoration of interiors to be associated with the beauty of Polish landscape, fauna and flora, or Polish symbols. Except for the guidelines, which are often practical, such as regulated desks, soft furniture, couches, puffs, armchairs, or convenient chairs, the colleagues of JLL wanted to emphasize the special assets of our country – says Danuta Barańska, Creative Director of Tétris, the author of this arrangement. The new office of JLL is situated in Warsaw Spire. The visit in the office allows a “travel” itself through cultural, historical, or natural resources of Poland. It is a place where a table made from a 1000-year-old oaken wood can be admired. Its form imitates a log which was thrown away by the sea, covered with the sand and sunk in the resin. However, it is not the only interesting thing; the attention of visitors is attracted by many other elements such as a mock-up of the solar system or the mural with a lace.


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Anna Bieryt :
Dobrze jak biuro wygląda atrakcyjnie. Wtedy tez i potencjalni klienci przychodzac do firmy dobrze sie u nas czują ;) Jest jeszcze kwestia oświetlenia. Grunt to nie tylko dobre zapewnienie komfortu pracownikom( u siebie w firmie mamy oświetlenie firmy Trilux, dzięki któremu jest się pobudzonym do pracy ale to oświetlenie tez równocześnie uspokaja ) To jeszcze jest tez bardzo ważny aspekt jak chociażby energoszczędność.Dzięki takiemu rozwiązaniu oświetlenie firmy Trilux jest po prostu ekonomiczne,. Rownież tak na dłuższy czas ;)
July 9, 2018 at 12:18 AM
Wera35 :
Bardzo ładne, ciekawie zaaranżowane wnętrza. Ja aranżując swoje korzystałam z pomocy firym MIL - System. Bardzo polecam współpracę z nimi. Mają szeroki wybór mebli, a do tego można je wypożyczyć, nie trzeba kupować, co pozwala sporo zaoszczędzić.
June 5, 2018 at 2:31 PM