Preview screening full of emotions

A frame from the film “Camille Claudel 1915”
A frame from the film “Camille Claudel 1915”
The company Interbiuro invites to the Muranów cinema for the screening of the film “Camille Claudel 1915” by Bruno Dumont.

In the evening on 10 April, the managers of commercial real estate, architects, developers and business partners of the company Interbiuro Sp. z o.o. will meet at the preview screening of an extraordinary film Camille Claudel 1915.


The film, directed by Bruno Dumont, tells the story of the outstanding sculptor (played by Juliette Binoche), born in the north of France in 1864. The elder sister of the writer Paul Claudel became the first student and mistress of the sculptor Auguste Rodin. However, she leaves him, and the traumatic experiences drive her into depression. Her brother puts her in the mental hospital, where she spends the last 30 years of her life without any contact with her loved ones.


The film is in the cinemas from 25 April this year.

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