The most beautifully illuminated facade is located in Łódź

The façade of the DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź
The results of competition “The best lighting investment of 2013, the best illuminated commune and city of 2013” have just been announced.

The first prize in the competition “The best lighting investment of 2013, the best illuminated commune and city of 2013” went to TOYA Group for the illumination of the facade of office-hotel building DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź. The award-winning effect was made thanks to technologies multiplying the reflection of light.


The building in Łódź is decorated by a glass facade, which forms the shape of the frame from the first film made in Łódź - “Forbidden Songs.” At night, the facade is illuminated by LED RGB diodes. The installation enables to change the colours in time, as well as to manipulate the intensity of light. The software was provided by Philips Lighting Poland. The implemented technology enables us to prepare occasional lighting installations, which can be a part of events organised in the hotel. It is another additional feature which distinguishes our building, commented Jacek Jaśkiewicz, development director in TOYA Group. The illuminations of colourful interiors of the building also give the opportunity to organise light performances with sound.


The lighting design of DoubleTree by Hilton Łódź was made thanks to the cooperation of Philips Lighting Poland specialists, architects from the studio Kuryłowicz & Associates, representatives of TOYA Group and the subcontractors who made the glass facade (the company Profil) and general contractor of the building (Budimex).


The competition was organised by the SOMA Agency, which is responsible for the annual International Fair of Lighting Equipment LIGHT and International Fair of Electric Fittings and Security Systems. The co-organisers of the competition are Polish Association of Lighting Industry, Związek Pracodawców Warszawy i Mazowsza (Association of Warsaw and Masovia Employers) and Gazeta Samorządu i Administracji.

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