Premiere of a book about Warsaw skyscrapers

Rondo 1
Rondo 1
A premiere of a book titled „Złota 44 and other Warsaw skyscrapers” will be held on Saturday 16th May during this year’s edition of the Warsaw Book Fair.

A meeting with the author of the book Varsavian Jarosław Zieliński and vice-chairman of BBI Development SA Rafał Szczepański was announced during this year’s Warsaw Book Fair on the Municipal Stadium on 12.30 p.m. in the London C hall.


„Złota 44 and other Warsaw skyscrapers” is the first book devoted to Warsaw skyscrapers. The publication includes i.a. Złota 44 skyscraper designed by a famous architect Daniel Libeskind and historical PAST building. The book constitutes a thorough historical, architectural and urban analysis and it was divided into two parts. The first of them concerns historical development and the future of skyscrapers in the capital. The second one is a set of foregoing structures of this type in Warsaw. The study is the first step on the route to a synthesis of such a detailed issue as skyscrapers. Therefore, this popular science publication still remains open – emphasizes Jarosław Zieliński, author of the book.


 „Złota 44 and other Warsaw skyscrapers” is the sixth book about history of Warsaw, the editor of which is BBI Development SA. As a company which has been active on the Warsaw property market for years, we identify ourselves with the city – we take care about its future and heritage. I believe that this publication, which is the continuation of our book series, will be an interesting lecture for all enthusiasts of architecture and lovers of Warsaw – said Rafał Szczepański and vice-chairman in BBI Development SA.


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