Future of Warsaw architecture

The exhibition titled „PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. Warsaw architecture in projects” will be held from 21th May to 11th June in the University Library at Dobra Street in Warsaw. The partner of this undertaking is JLL.

The PLANS FOR THE FUTURE. Warsaw architecture in projects is one of the biggest architectural exhibitions in Poland. It will be held from 21th May to 11th June (every day) at 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. and the participation will be free. The exhibition is organized by Łowicka Center and it is under the honorable patronage of the President of Warsaw. Moreover, the partner is the JLL consulting company.


It is the 20th jubilee edition of the exhibition on which 1900 projects and plans have been presented so far. We are honored that we could become a partner of such a prestigious event organized by Łowicka Center – the originator of the Plans for the Future – says Aneta Parzuchowska, Marketing Director in Central and Eastern Europe, JLL.


Moreover, 99 of the newest projects prepared for the realization – from 45 architectural studios from Warsaw – are presented on the exhibition. The list includes offices, residential buildings, sport and commercial structures as well as revitalization of old buildings. Furthermore, there will be land management plans, prizes in the architectural competitions, graduate works of students from architecture and layouts, films about the city, architects and architecture presented on the exhibition.


JLL has been engaged in life of the cities for years. We are analyzing different aspects of development and transitions. Moreover, we created a research and social project – Akupunktura Warszawy last year. The research was aimed to identify places which have undergone the greatest metamorphosis in recent years. We have been looking for investments which are transforming the city before our eyes as well as micro-locations with the greatest development potential. The initiative met with the great interest from inhabitants of Warsaw – comments Anna Bartoszewisz-Wnuk, Chairman in Department for Market Research and Consultancy, JLL.


The second edition of Akupunktura Warszawy will start on 25th May. The experts from JLL in cooperation with the Nowa Warszawa website pointed out three categories and chose 10 locations in each of them and then the Internet users will be able to vote for them. The voting is going to start on Monday 25th May and it will last till Sunday 21th June. It is open for all interested.  


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