ECO Łużycka Plus – laureate of 2015 European Property Awards

Łużycka Plus in Gdynia
Łużycka Plus in Gdynia
Allcon Investment was awarded for the Łużycka Plus office investment in the 2015 European Property Awards competition. The company from Gdynia is on the list of laureates for the second time within last four years.

Łużycka Plus office – as the only one from three Polish structures – is in the group of Polish laureates in the Office Development category on the European stage of The International Property Awards competition. An international jury composed of nearly 70 people assessed investments on the basis of many factors, including location, architecture, sustainable development or work comfort.


Allcon Investment is on a good way so that the success of Łużycka Plus could turn out to be even more greater because accurate assessments of each of the awarded structures will be announced in a month on 22nd September during a ceremonial gala in London. Developers will be selected and they will be representing Europe for World's Best Office Development.


The awarded Łużycka Plus structure is continuation of Łużycka Office Park which was built by our company a little bit earlier. We also received the European Property Awards prize in 2012 gaining a title of a highly recommended office design in Poland. The honor to be in the group of the winners once again after only several years since the last contest is confirmation for us that we made a good decision. We listened to the voice of our tenants and we were at their disposal after signage of lease contracts. Therefore, we are creating office solutions which actually perfectly sign themselves into needs of companies and their employees – they are architecturally, ecologically and functionally attractive – comments Halina Gniadecka, Allcon Investment.


The Łużycka Plus office class A was commissioned in 2014. It is located at Łużycka Street in Gdynia and it offers 10 000 sq. m of usable area, including ca. 6000 sq. m of office area. The structure was realized in accordance with requirements of sustainable construction which is confirmed by the ecological BREEAM certificate. Many modern solutions were applied in the building i.a. curtain facades allowing to optimize lighting of the interior. It is worth mentioning that it is also the first office in Poland with Obiekt bez barier certificate which means that it is a structure adjusted to the disabled.


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