Security and Reliability of IT Systems


City : Hotel Orbis
Place : Wrocław
Date : 17.10.2012
Hour : 08:20 - 16:00
Status : closed

We invite you to Wrocław to take part in the 6th edition of FREE BIN GigaCon Conference – Security and Reliability of IT Systems!

Expert’s lectures and products’ expositions will present you the knowledge on strategies and technical issues that help to create complex and reliable system protecting network and company’s data. Thanks to open speeches, you will get to know how to avoid intrusions, failures and the loss of valuable information, as well as how to invest in IT infrastructure in a reasonable way and what are the new endangerments of the Web and how to pass them.

The conference will be accompanied by the exposition of solutions; independent experts will share their knowledge.

- Main Sponsor- Fast Group
- Participating company-

Topical issues of BIN GigaCon conference:

  • B1 – Managing information’s security
  • B2 – Systems of security audits (scanners), systems of intrusion control
  • B3 – Software and enciphering devices
  • B4 – Managing identity, access control
  • B5 – Firewall and VPN systems
  • B6 – Software and antivirus program


  • N1 – Servers of Web services
  • N2 – Cluster systems
  • N3 – Security and reliability of data bases systems
  • N4 – Physical protection of infrastructure  systems of critical importance
  • N5 –Mass memories and systems of data archiving
  • N6 –Working continuity, disaster recovery


We invite the representatives and managers of the following branches to participate in the conference: telecommunication, banking, finances, insurances, administration, health care, education, industry and widely understood service branch; people who works as: IT department managers, security officers, administrators of networks and protection systems, and all responsible for strategy and maintaining systems’ security in a company.

The participation in the conference is FREE! Registration is now open – join us!

The companies interested in participating are welcome to contact us! 

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