Computer Science Fairs – Software Developer’s Career


City : Wrocław
Place :
Date : 13.04.2013
Hour : 08:00 - 16:50
Status : closed


Program your success now!
Computer Science Fairs – Software Developer’s Career
Wrocław 04.13.2013

During fairs there will be:

- lectures,

- companies’ presentations,

- workshops taught by specialists ,

- review of the most interesting EFS financial scholarships

In addition all participants will be invited for a coffee with cake, will participate in a raffle, all prizes are sponsored by the event partners, and will also receive training materials free of charge – all that without any costs!

Please join us! You only have to register online:

Exhibitors – IT market leader not only in Poland, which currently recruits highly qualified workers

Participants – individuals with a confirmed IT experience


Justyna Żarna - Django good practice
Arkadiusz Haszto - WHY MOBILE? Why mobiles are the most import ant channel of modern marketing?
Wojciech Paździor – Career management – how to be satisfied with your work?
Wojciech Legierski – How to be more efficiency in HTML5+CSS3+JavaScript?
Kamil Gałuszka – Future changes in JavaScript

Also on April 13th, but in Warsaw, there will be Tester’s Career directed at individuals who have an experience in software testing. For more details go to:

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