IT Career Exhibition - Katowice


City : Katowice
Place : Hotel Qubus
Date : 16.03.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 20:00
Status : closed
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Modern dimension of work exhibition is possible only with us – IT Career

Katowice, 16.03.2013

Qubus Hotel, Uniwerytecka street 13

One day, one place. The specialists on IT brand will meet and they are not afraid of new challenges. During the exhibition, you will make direct contact with the best Polish employers, compare their offers and give your CV. You will meet people associated with your work interests. Additionally, you will expand your knowledge owing to the interesting speeches of experts on dedicated subjects. And it is all for free!

The talks will be given by such persons as: Maja Smolarczyk, Kamil Kurpierz, Łukasz Taczuk, Piotr Miernik and others. The organizers provide with free training materials, coffee-breaks, lottery-drawing of fantastic prizes that are sponsored by Partners of the event and finally – a great opportunity to get the job of your dreams. You just have to be there!

Participantspeople with confirmed experience in IT brand

Exhibitorsreputable companies that are during the process of recruiting now

We heartily invite you. The entry is free of charge You just have to register via on line form:

We also want to remind you that next Saturday, on March 9, Tester's Career and Career in Finances and Banking will be held in Sheraton Hotel in Cracow. It is the time for ambitious software testers and people who want to make progress in the field of finances and banking.

Tester's Career:
Career in Finances and Banking:

As the only ones on the market, we organize close meetings for the professionals.

The exhibition has a private character. The number of places is limited!

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