Current value-added (VAT) and corporate (CIT) tax problems 2013/14 and the property, forest and agricultural tax for the construction and developer’s sector


City : Sopot
Place : Hotel Haffner
Date : 25.06.2013 - 28.06.2013
Hour : 09:00 - 15:00
Status : closed
Current value-added (VAT) and corporate (CIT) tax problems 2013/14 and the property, forest and agricultural tax for the construction and developer’s sector


Current value-added (VAT) and corporate (CIT) tax problems 2013/14 and the property, forest and agricultural tax for the construction and developer’s sector
2013.06.25 - 2013.06.28 Sopot (SOP 13471)

The purpose of the following training is the VAT and CIT basic tax filling and the property, forest and agricultural filling in corporate sector, including the latest regulations update.

During the training all changes which occurred or will occur in 2013 and since January 1st, 2014 will be presented. Numerous examples will be presented as well, related to the practical application of new, VAT and CIT filling rules. Thanks to training, the participant will achieve a complete knowledge in a rules amendment subject which includes objective taxes, which enable necessary solutions’ implementation in financial and accounting systems.

VAT tax in construction and developer’s sector

1.Activities subjected to VAT taxation in a domestic regulations’ light.
2.Statistical classification and the services provided by a construction company.
3.The VAT taxation rules of the services free of charge.
4.Service or delivery at VAT level in a construction and developer companies.
5.Services reinvoicing filling.
6.Fundamental rules’ changes since January 1st, 2014 as a tax duty, especially including developer and construction sector.  PLEASE NOTE a necessity of an immediate preparation for changes!
7.The taxation base after changes in legislation.
8.Income adjustment after amendment of the rules.
9.VAT rate in construction and development sector.
10.Construction services outsider of the residential building and the VAT rate.

11.Debt exemption after legislation changes.
12.VAT calculation according to new rules.

13.Taxable services documentation after changes.
14. Basic rules necessary in case of rules update.

15.Questions and answers.

Local taxes in developer and construction sector.

1.Law regulations crucial because of the property taxes and construction faculties taxation. 2.Setting the rules of the status of the land and the agricultural, forest property tax.

 3.Contrucion law and the property tax

4.The taxation subject of the property tax, forest tax and agricultural tax in developer and construction company.

 5.Basic terms setting the property tax in case of the developer and construction sector.

6.Correct taxation base of the property tax.

7.The property tax payer

8.The tax duty moment in cases of development and construction companies.
9.Tax filling by the co-owners

10.The object and subject exemption

11.Local taxes and the income tax filling.

12.The latest judicature of the local taxes in case of developer and construction sector.

13.Questions and answers.


CIT in developer and construction sector

1.Planned CIT changes in 2014.

3.The income costs.
4.Special rules of costs’ recognition and the costs which do not constitute the income costs.

5. Exchange rate differences.


7.Leasing changes in 2013.

8.The international taxation costs.

 9.Questions and answers.

Costs of participation:
- 2850 zł + 23% VAT per 1 person
- 2750 zł/os. + 23% VAT per 2 people from one company


Please make a payment after receiving a written confirmation. Please add training code.

The profile users will receive an additional 5% of rebate when using password.


The price includes:

 - 3-day workshop participation,
- training materials,
- full alimentation, which includes supper on 06.25.13 till dinner on 06.28.13,
- coffee breaks during training,
- accommodation in double rooms: check-in – 2pm on 06.25.13 – check-out – 11 am on 06.28.13,
- single room accommodation requires additional fee of 500zł (for whole staying),
- recreation center is available: swimming pool, hot tub, sauna, gym,
- parties:
* Malbork trip (travel by bus, guided castle museum visiting);
* Sopot sightseeing in the afternoon;
* dinner with live music,
- training certificate,
- insurance for the training period.

Training resignation participation after the notice given in writing, obligates to 50% of training fee coverage. In case of the resignation withing less than 7 days period, the participant is obliged to 100% of costs coverage.

Training schedul:
Day1 – 9:00-2:15pm
Day 2 and 3 – 9:00-3:00pm
Hotel Haffner ****,
ul. Jana Jerzego Haffnera 59, 81-715 Sopot

Above training can be realized in closed format.

Please join us!

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