Innovation and outsourcing – their impact on investment of Polish regions


City : Gdańsk
Place : Gdański Park Naukowo-Technologiczny
Date : 11.09.2014
Hour : 09:00 - 16:30
Status : closed

Already on September 11 in Gdansk Science and Technology Park will be a business event B2B under the title of:

"Innovation and outsourcing-their impact on investment of Polish regions"

During the event, there will be two panel discussions and presentations of two special guests.

The Events:

09.00 - 09.45 Registration

10:00 - 10:15 The opening ceremony by the Mayor and Marshal of Pomorskie

10:15 - 11:00 Panel Discussion I: "Western-whether it is really one of the most interesting places to invest in Poland?"

People taking part in the panel discussion:

  • Bartosz Kurek - journalist of Polsat News- debate moderator
  • Pawel Orlowski-Undersecretary of State in the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development
  • The representative of the Office of the Marshal
  • Andrzej Bojanowski - Vice President of Gdansk
  • The representative of the City of Sopot
  • The representative of the City of Gdynia

Teresa Kaminska-President of the Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd.

Topics for discussion:

  • Are innovative companies are the future of our economy?
  • What this region can entice potential investors?
  • In what projects should be in the years to engage in SSE?
  • How in the country presents a Pomeranian Special Economic Zone?
  • What are the prospects for the future of Pomerania?
  • What is the best chance traced region?

11.00 11.45 Discussion Panel II "Knowledge, professionalism, innovation-the key to success"

People taking part in the panel discussion:

  • Representative of the Ministry of Economy
  • The representative of the Science and Technology Park
  • Pomeranian ICT Cluster
  • Representative PARP

Topics for discussion:

  • Support for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Where to go for counseling support in technology and innovation?
  • What they offer science and technology parks, and they perform the function?
  • Where to find support in terms of information, advice, training and finance?
  • Cooperation in the innovation process - cluster initiative
  • What are the methods of funding innovation?
  • Innovative solutions for the efficient management of processes and resources.
  • Innovative solutions in logistics processes in case study

11.45-12.15 III Panel discussion "Challenges of the real estate market"

People taking part in the panel discussion:

  • Dr. Krzysztof Szczepaniak, Department of Investments and Real Estate, University of Gdansk (during the confirmation)
  • Sven Torsten Kain, a specialist commercial Mortgage Banking
  • Boleslaw Drapella, vice president of the Group Morizon S. A
  • Slawomir Muturi, co-owner of Mzuri (during the confirmation)

Topics for discussion:

  • Preferences and expectations of investors operating on the commercial market
  • Challenge for banks are recommendations FSA - S and J?
  • The essence of the study of supply and demand before investing in real estate
  • Development directions Pomeranian market - trends, specific forecasts
  • New trends and innovations in the Polish construction market

12.15- 12.40 Presentation of special guest

12.40- 13.00 Modern office space - is not only a modern technical and technological solutions and functionality are also modern design and high standard - for example

13.00-13.15- Company Roedl & Parnters "Innovative technologies in data management wage-accounting - Employee Portal"

13.15- 13.55 Coffee break

13.55- 14.40 IV Panel discussion "Outsourcing in Poland- or Western is the star of the BPO sector?"

People taking part in the panel discussion:

  • Lecturer: Mariusz Wisniewski, Associate Director of CBRE
  • Maciej Grabski, President of Olivia Business Centre
  • Marcin Piatkowski, Director of Invest In Pomerania
  • Katarzyna Mokwińska, Project Manager of the Department of Foreign Investment PAIiIZ
  • Monika Nowecka, Partner at Mazars
  • Artur Chmura, CEO of Energa Shared Services Centre
  • Tomasz Mnich, Executive Facilitator / Associate Partner, Business Advisory ALLBRIDGE

Topics for discussion:

  • BPO in Poland, what awaits us in the next 3-5 years?
  • The impact of outsourcing on urban development (real estate, employment, education, competitiveness, business environment)
  • How can universities and schools can cooperate with the BPO sector to provide adequate personnel?
  • How is the process of choosing a location for the center BPO?
  • Which companies in which city (IT outsourcing, financial and accounting, research and development centers, customer service)?
  • The impact of the BPO and R & D in commercial real estate market.
  • What better build, single office or office parks?
  • The economic crisis vs outsourcing and offshoring- whether one can make about the relationship?

14: 40-14: 55 Case Studies

14.55-15.15 Presentation of Business mind- "Modern accounting services, cost control, on-line"

15.15-15.30 Presentation of the company Roedl & Parnters "Success through Outsourcing or BPO 2.0 extended with an integrated and modern tools support the process"

15.30-16.00 Expert Statement - Arkadiusz Lewicki, Director of the National Focal Point Programme (CIP confirmation) - New hand of EU funds for the period 2014-2020:

- Will it still grants for businesses?

- Who will be able to count on grants, and who is "only" for a loan or other instruments feedback?

- Which preferential support CIP can benefit entrepreneur in Poland?

16: 00- 16:30 lottery cards and termination events

The organizers of the event are: Pomeranian Special Economic Zone Ltd. and the company New Ideas Ltd. with the cooperation of the City of Gdansk, Pomorskie Marshal's Office and under the Honorary Patronage of the Ministry of Economy.

Participation in the event is free; the application must be made by 15.08.2014r. !!!! Determines the order of submissions (First come first served)

Registration must be made through the website

Participants during the registration process may take advantage of the online platform Pointer Meeting, which will enable them to acquaint themselves with information about the entities participating in the event. This solution will allow you to search among registered participants of potential business partners and to plan individual meetings with them.

Currently, it takes a competition Call for Papers, in which speakers interested in the part of the conference can submit topics of their speeches.

Submissions can be sent to 14.08.2014.


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