B2B market is getting closer

Next Thursday in Łódź, the first of the series of nationwide meetings of entrepreneurs working in the B2B branch will take place.

B2B market under the motto “Outsourcing as an element of business development strategy - a recipe for success!” takes place on 13 February this year in the European Institute in Łódź. The market is addressed to the representatives of business, academia, local and national government administration as well as all others interested in the development of entrepreneurship.


The event is divided into exhibition part, where the companies have a chance to show their offer, and the part dedicated to panels, debates, lectures and workshops. The subject of the market in Łódź is outsourcing, which has been widely commented in recent times. Entrepreneurs have a huge need for knowing the subject of outsourcing, because this knowledge translates into their business activity and money. Therefore, it is so important for them to meet the best specialists in this area and companies which offer such solutions, explains Violetta Kryszczuk from Prospects Publisher, the company organising the event.


During the meetings, many subjects will be discussed, among others: “Outsourcing as a new business architecture,” “How to identify and manage extensive costs,” “From innovation in the company to innovation in the network - how to multiply the company’s potential for innovation?” and “How to calculate which segments of buyers are the most attractive to us?” Experts working in this area every day will speak on these and many other subjects. The star of the meeting will be Prof. Kevin C. Desouza from the University of Washington, who is a specialist on outsourcing known around the world and also the author of many publications on this subject. There will also be the charismatic Prof. Piotr Płoszajski from Warsaw School of Economics - management process futurologist, who specialises in identification of trends in the development of markets. Also, specialists from the Ministry of Infrastructure and Development and the Ministry of Economy are invited to take part in the discussion.

An unusual feature of the market is a special Internet contact platform, which is already working, and which allows to find all necessary information about people and companies taking part in the event.  Registered participants also have access to calendar and a full list of companies present at the market. We did it in order to enable everyone to choose their partner from among the registered people and appoint an individual business meeting, adds Violetta Kryszczuk.

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