Facility Management Conference in Warsaw


City : Warszawa
Place : CB-F Nowy Świat
Date : 31.08.2011 - 01.01.2008
Hour : 08:00 - 00:00
Status : closed
The experts on managing will meet in Warsaw's Banking and Financial Center "Nowy Świat".

On August 31, 2011, the Conference „Facility Management” will be held in Warsaw’s Banking and Financial Center „Nowy Świat”.

Facility Management effectively supports the management of commercial companies and has become one of the most important sectors of business. FM is not only managing property, but most of all managing value. The increase of market’s awareness somehow forces Facility Management to technological improvement coming under constant development.

The conference is a perfect place to exchange experiences on the functioning of attributes of a whole building, both in new buildings and in those which were completed many years ago. Invited experts will share with you their knowledge and experience in this field. The solutions will be presented by e.g. OTISProbit and Tron.

The lectures will be given by e.g.: Tadeusz Osuch, Head of Project Management, HSG Zander Polska (Implementation of Facility Management services in Commercial Buildings – SLA and KPI systems), Monika Kowalczyk, Director of Property Management Department, Keen Property Management (Specific rules of managing flats that are intended for rent) and Bartłomiej Śliwiński, PhD - Assistant Professor of the Faculty of Economics, University of Warsaw, Facility Management Foundation’s Member of the Board.

The conference’s subject matter:

  • building management system;
  • visional monitoring;
  • managing tangible assets;
  • managing company’s efficiency;
  • planning and managing quality;
  • systems of maintaining buildings and devices;
  • outsourcing (economic, technical, infrastructural);
  • green building – green dimension of buildings functioning;
  • financial control ;
  • managing the relations with clients;
  • security automation;
  • managing properties;
  • managing contracts;;
  • access control.

We invite to participate in the conference:
- Buildings owners (offices, commercial centers, warehouses, hypermarkets, chain shops);
- Directors on Managing Properties;
- Directors on Administration;
- Technical Directors;
- Commercial Properties Managers;
- Developers;
- Architects;
- Investors.

The participation in the conference is free for the above-mentioned people.

THE NUMER OF PLACES IS LIMITED! Order of applications matters

The participation is payable: for the rest of the people, including representatives of service providers, IT solutions and technical solutions – fee per person is 1 000 PLN +23%VAT*. 

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