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Presentation of VI report on the FM industry in Poland - market potential, its development and characterization of its performance has inaugurated yesterday the Facility Management Congress.
Warsaw. For the next few days, 200 people from the real estate industry will sit and discuss at the Puławska Residence hotel.

The use of energy resources management system in the office and industrial buildings, state of the industry standards for facility management and responsibilities of managers in energy-efficient, certified office buildings - these are just three of the many topics that have been and will be discussed during the three-day VI National Congress of Facility Management at Puławska Residence in Warsaw. It has become a tradition this meeting of people related to real estate starts with a report on the FM industry in Poland, in which is discussed the potential of the market, its development and characterization of its performance. 

- We offer our participants of a three-day congress topics that will help them later with real estate management, understood as a profitable investment product - says Karolina Wargin, editor-in-chief of the prestigious magazine, "Facility Manager" - to our meeting, we invited mainly property managers, facility managers, people involved in the practical management of the building.Among the guests are the managers of office, retail - service, warehousing, utilities. As can be seen with the naked eye, the selection of guests is vast. 
The three-day meeting related to the FM industry is primarily a variety of thematic panels to choose from, individual coaching sessions, lectures in the form of case studies and, showing a lot of interest, moderated networking session. 
During the Congress, discussed issues are mainly concerned the manager's operations of energy-environmental facility, security and building infrastructure, finance and real estate due diligence, FM standards and soft skills of facility manager. 
- Facility Manager industry in Poland is relatively young in comparison to Western countries.Looking at other countries, you may be tempted to say that in our country, this industry is still in its infancy. We want to raise awareness, spread the way it works. Our aim is to promote European standards - explains Karolina Wargin, editor-in-chief of the magazine "Facility Manager"
Congress has become an excellent opportunity to present original solutions that facilitate the management of real estate. One of them is the   Energy Supervisor system.This system, combined with a customized building to modern energy management can achieve measurable benefits. An example might be one of the office buildings in Gdansk, where thanks to Energy Supervisor, the level of energy consumption has been reduced by 12 percent.Over the four months the system allowed to save 52 thousand zlotych. 
- This is a solution that allows us to bind into a whole all the elements that make up the energy efficiency.If we think about energy efficiency, we see an energy audit, thermo-modernization works, the exchange of energy from renewable sources; from the line current to those individual sources. Energy Supervisor is a system that allows us to take advantage of the work I mentioned, optimize it and get the right synergy. On the other hand, this program allows us to manage energy consumption. In fact, it is just an energy management system - says Radosław Majewski ,sales director at Enspirion
Another interesting solution presented at the VI Congress of Facility Management was iGPM system, which allows, among other things, remote real-time access to current data from devices in buildings, legal, technical, economic and financial information on its properties and maps, plans of floors, the location of the premises and equipment. 
- You just have to have a tablet with access to the internet and then you already have access to all the data.As you can see in our video advertise, you can be on vacation in Croatia, fishing, and during this, making contact with Croatian standing next to you, who, for example, is looking for property in Krakow. Immediately, we can show him that we have free rooms, show pictures, terms and conditions and we have the ability to provide it, and with access to a printer even print it out and sign it. At this point, the client can go to Krakow, to visit his leased space. Figuratively speaking, the owner has all his offices with him all the time. Often, the owners have their properties distributed around the world, for example, one office in Spain, part of the property in Germany and Poland. While on vacation in the Caribbean thanks to iGPM, he can safely do business and keep an eye on his property - shows Jaroslaw Stelmaszek, iGPM Vice President. 
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