ECO We're going to create an office building with character

The office block Szkotnik will fit the size of the second biggest city of Malopolska voivodship!
Jackiem Okońskim, właścicielem firmy Czakram, który wybuduje w Tarnowie nowoczesny biurowiec Szkotnik.
Jacek Okoński, the owner of Czakram, photo Michal Gniadek

Does the construction of Szkotnik have more than merely economic importance for you?

Indeed. It was in this place that I set up my own business in the automotive engineering and installation of LPG many years ago. This is where it all started and, after many years I decided to give this place a new character, to raise its importance. When I think back of the 70s of the last century, I remember how this area was neglected. A military unit was situated here. Today, however, it is attractive property. Together with the development of the city, new companies began to emerge here, which has a positive influence on the attractiveness of the land now.There is a petrol station, a restaurant of one of the moste rezognized restaurant chains and the nearby crossroads is going to be rebuilt soon, which should solve communication problems in this part of the city. Our office block will fit ideally in this place.

However, there are many who do not forecast any success for this project, as there are many office spaces in Tarnow where there is a problem with finding tenants.

This isn't going to be a huge building. Our office block will fit the size of Tarnow. This three-storey building with underground garages and constructed using modern technology is needed in Tarnow. Please notice that the most office spaces in this city are situated in old tenement houses. Yes, they are located in the well-known streets but the tenants have problems adapting them, as they need to take the art restorer and small usable area into account. In turn, our office block guarantees a high standard and the spaces will be tailored to the needs of the tenants. They will decide about the arrangement of the space. We aslo offer parking places. It is also essential that our office block gives the opportunity to be present in a characteristic place, which is easy to identify. This entails both recognizability and prestige.

So how does the interest in leasing the spaces in Szkotnik office block look like now?

Already about 30 entities are interested in our office building. We set out quite strict requirements because we'd like our building to have a specific character. It will definitely not be the case that whoever comes to us will be able to enjoy our offer. We want to establish a brand in a specific industry, which currently has not yet been specified, as the negotiatin with the tenants are still pending. It is difficult to speculate if it's going to be medical, legal or bank industry now. I can however say that trade sector is very unlikely to become our specialization.

More and more investors are making a stake on green construction. Will the office block Szkotnik be distinguished by any green solutions?

Yes, because our policy is aimed at being environmentally friendly. First of all, the tenants themselves pay attention to these issues more and more often. Secondly, green construction has influence on later operating costs of the building. We are going to apply modern technologies, including but not limited to multifunctional gas stoves, though it will also be possible to choose heating with the use of renewable energy sources.

This investment will dramatically change the image of this part of the city.


Of course. We even hope to provide stimulus, to set a certain example which will be followed by other investors who want to build or modernize existing facilities. In this way, this part of the city will gain more reputation.



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Paulina :
Nic tylko czekać, aż w Szkotniku zaczną swoją działalność pierwsze firmy, bo wydaje się on być jedną z najciekawszych inwestycji w Tarnowie
September 20, 2012 at 4:55 PM