Why Cybersecurity Is So Important To Your Business

Interview with: Piotr Kupczyk, Director of Media Communication Office at Kaspersky Lab Polska sp. z o.o.

The dynamic growth of technologies provides plenty of opportunities but the number of cybercrimes increases from year-to-year. How to protect your company against cyberattacks? We are talking with Piotr Kupczyk, Kaspersky Lab Poland, about cyberthreats and ways to protect your company against them.

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Custom Made Flooring Solutions

Interview with: Barbara Radziwon, Manging Director at Flowcrete Central & Eastern Europe

The solutions of Flowcrete flooring may be found in the most prestigious office buildings in Poland. We are talking with Barbara Radziwon, Manging Director at Flowcrete Central & Eastern Europe, about the largest investments of the company and plans for the future.

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Placemaking: Real Estate Projects

Interview with: Jan Jakub Zombirt, Associate Director, Strategic Consulting, JLL

Office buildings more frequently open up to inhabitants these days. Why? What is needed to create a place that attracts people? Jan Jakub Zombirt, Associate Director, Strategic Consulting, JLL, talks about placemaking in real estate projects.

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Investors Are More Likely To Choose Krakow

Interview with: Sebastian Wysocki and Kamil Tyszkiewicz

What makes Krakow so attractive to investors? What distinguishes the city against other Polish locations? We are talking with Sebastian Wysocki, Manager of Antal's Department, and Kamil Tyszkiewicz, Director of Office Space at CBRE, about factors that characterize Krakow's business position.

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You Don’t Have To Be Afraid Of Large Space

Interview with: Marta Janiszek, Head of Design Department at Interbiuro Design & Fitout

How to design a large office so that employees can feel comfortable in it? How to use larger space effectively? The arrangement of large office may frighten investors and raise many questions, but, as Marta Janiszek, Interbiuro Design & Fitout, says, you don’t have to be afraid of this process.

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Sleep: A New Benefit For Employees

Interview with: Magdalena Filcek, author of "Vinci Power Nap – Sleep Café"

Many people are currently struggling with tiredness and occupational burnt-out. In response to that problem, companies are introducing naps as a new element of the work-life balance program. We are talking with Magdalena Filcek, author of "Vinci Power Nap – Sleep Café" about the power of a catnap.

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What Do Computer Programmers Actually Need?

Interview with:

There are many office legends about computer programmers. According to the latest report “What Do Computer Programmers Need”, they are perceived as a very demanding group due to both working conditions and workplace. Are they really so fussy?

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Poland: A Safe Address For Investors

Interview with: Michał Styś, Managing Director, OPG Property Professionals

Nowadays, there is a strong global trend of investing in real estates. We are talking with Michał Styś, Managing Director of OPG Property Professionals, about the results for the previous year and whether 2018 is actually a good year to invest in profitable real estates.

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Feedback Is As Important As Oxygen

Interview with: Jarosław Pudełek, Employee Experience Management Expert at CzteryP

What is the role of feedback in the office? What are the consequences of its absence? Jarosław Pudełek, Employee Experience Management Expert at CzteryP, talks about what should be done to make feedback effective.

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Want To Do Good Business? Follow Your... Intuition!

Interview with: Dr Ewa Hartman, Coach, Lecturer, Head of Post Graduate Studies "Neuro-Leadership" at Lazarski University in Warsaw

What do intuition and business have in common? Is it worth following your intuition while making an important decision? Dr Ewa Hartman talks about intuition in business.

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