Tarnów will have an office block.

There will be a modern office building in Tarnów - Szkotnik. The construction works are planned to begin in August this year.

Building of an office block in Tarnów  surprises even the inhabitants, but it turns out that the city between Rzeszów and Cracow also needs some office space. Modernity is the biggest advantage of the building. Interest in the building is especially visible with companies, which want to leave old housing and this confirms the need for a new building - claims Jacek Okoński, the president of Czakram, the company which decided to carry out the project. Construction works are planned to begin in August this year, and they should be completed in the III quarter of 2013.


The Szkotnik office block will be characterized primarily by its modern appearance and functionality. The name of the building stems from the name of the street where it is going to be built. The space for lease has not been designed to suit any particular tenant. The offices will be adapted individually to the needs of tenants. However, according to the investor, this offer is partly directed at the bank sector, at insurance and law firms. There is also a lot of interest from the businesses which want to move their agencies from tenement houses to a modern office building - this will raise their prestige - says Jacek Okoński.


Czakram provides automotive services on the Tarnów market (ranging from LPG systems to advanced services in car repair and maintenance). They explain that the idea to engage in a commercial property project is caused by the market demand. The building put up by Czakram will offer 900 square metres of space for lease. It will be built in the place of garages, where Czakram began its business.

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Darek :
Być może Tarnów będzie kolejnym rozwijającym się regionalnym miastem biurowym :)
July 17, 2012 at 10:23 AM