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At Krakow Technology Park in Krakow, a modern medical office "NAUTILUS" is being built. The Marketing Director of DIAGNOSTICS Group talks about the building name, investor activity and the attractiveness of its location.
Grzegorzem Polusem
Grzegorzem Polusem

What was the reason for naming the office building from Jules Verne’s "20,000 Leagues under the Sea"?

The name NAUTILUS, as you rightly pointed out, is mostly associated with the adventures of Captain Nemo and the accompanying great ship, which, for its era, was extremely modern. Jules Verne’s Nautilius architecture and technologies have since been applied to real naval vessels, including watertight bulkheads, air locks and electric drive. Nautilus also had a well-equipped Interior.

We're just trying to create our building with modern and original design solutions in combination with an elegant and functional interior. We used the symbolism of the latest technology in conjunction with firm Symbolics related explorations and meetings in order to reach for things previously unreachable and determined the idea of the name for our office building. It seems to be a hit.

At what stage are the works currently?

In April, we obtained the status of raw-closed and we have started the work typical at this stage. All indications are that we will continue to work well and plan to complete the building, as announced, at the end of the fourth quarter of this year.

Is Krakow’s market attracted to investments such as Office-medical?

Most of the industry report shows that Cracow, beside Wroclaw and Warsaw, is one of the most attractive investment markets. According to the "World Investment Report" of UNCTAD from 2011, Cracow in Poland turned out to be the best location for BPO projects. Published in 2010, ranking in the "TOP 100 Outsourcing Cities" best assessment locations for investment, Cracow's outsourcing industry took 1st place in the "emerging" markets, which gave our city 11th place overall ranked in the TOP 100. It basically makes the market more attractive for investment.

The private medical sector on the other hand, by any analysis, develops brilliantly throughout the Country, so why wouldn’t Cracow, as one of the largest Polish cities, constitute a good alternative? For example, even if the local development of a well-known national medical network is to strengthen its position in private clinics and hospitals.

The next step will be probably be the building of the "Aquarius" . What does the further future hold for you?

The construction of the Aquarius building is sufficiently distant a perspective for us. As you know as a developer yourself, we don't have a rich history, and only through the membership of the investor, which is a subsidiary of ABP Investments, the group is now the largest medical network laboratory Diagnostics in Poland. We focus on the needs of that sector. When building NAUTILUS we are learning, and with this knowledge we plan to move the Auqaruius. What happens later is difficult to say at this time.

Is location within the Krakow special economic zone of great importance for potential tenants? Does it increase their interest?

I think that the ability to conduct business in the special economic zone is important for tenants. On one hand it relates to the possibility of obtaining public assistance or tax credits, and on the other hand, it relates to the potential of business in a business neighbourhood. Watching a company operating in the Kraków-Podgórze shows focus industries such as the IT sector, modern technology and medicine. The presence of large players attracts smaller trade and further encourages synergies. This means that NAUTILUS is receiving the most interest from those industries. And we're glad that we can fully meet their needs.

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Krystian :
Genialny pomysł z nazwą! Przynajmniej ma jakąś historię i z czegoś się wywodzi
May 29, 2013 at 2:42 PM
Ala :
Oczywiście czytałam tę książkę, brawo za super pomysł na nazwę!
May 29, 2013 at 2:20 PM