Offices for sale or to let?

It has been 11 months since Real Office, the first office building in Łódź offering offices for sale, was opened.

On 8th September 2011, an Office building Real Office was put into use. What is a distinctive feature of the building, which has attracted attention since the very beginning, is predestination of offices for sale. It was an offer directed towards small and medium companies, which had financial conditions necessary to invest in prestigious office area. According to the developer’s data, the purchase of an office with the area of 110 sq.m will, after 10 years, allow for saving more money than the cost of an office itself in comparison with its renting. Therefore, it shows that the offer of the office building is a building of the B+ class in Łódź, allowing for the purchase of an office.

Already on the opening day, 4 out of 7 floors of the building were sold. Then, however, a decline of interest in the purchase of area was noted. For three months, the offices in the building have been intended, first of all, for renting. Apparently, in spite of the greater profitability of buying an office, companies prefer to rent office spaces. However, it results from the fact that offices offered for sale are big, and those rented are small, up to 50 sq.m.

We are satisfied with the tenants’ interest. There are much fewer people interested in buying an office, but, taking into account the costs of such an investment, there is nothing unusual about that, Agnieszka Wróbel from REAL Development says, Real Office’s investment was carried out with an eye to REAL Development’s seat. Our activities focus on a housing market, so we are not going to concuct similar investments in commercial real estate.         

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