Alchemia is higher and higher

The visualisation depicts the Alchemia complex.
The visualisation depicts the Alchemia complex.
Works on the building site of Alchemia in Gdańsk are in progress. The building in Tricity has more and more floors.


There is much going on at the building site of Alchemia, a modern, multifunctional complex located at Aleja Grunwaldzka in Gdańsk. The first stage of the investment is in progress and consists of two office buildings joined with a common four-floor foundation. Ceilings of successive floors of the office towers have already been finished. Next to that, works inside the common part of the building are being carried out.

As the building manager, Marcin Frozyna from the Torus company, says, recently, a ceiling on the 4th fTloor of the Aurum tower has been poured and within the following days we will finish a ceiling over the 3rd floor of the Platinum Tower. The gym has already been completely roofed and works on achieving the full carrying capacity of a ceiling of the swimming pool, which will allow for further finishing works. There is also an area adjusted to needs of a kindergarten, which is to be located in the building.

In August, works connected with an assembly of elements of the elevation, made of glass, aluminium and clinker, will be initiated in August. At the same time, there will be works on the roof of the common, lower part of the building. According to the plan, the so-called heart of the swimming pool, that is all its elements allowing for its functioning, will be installed in October. Winter will be a time for finishing works.

Office area offered by the 1st stage of the Alchemia investments is 16 2000 sq.m. Its usable area will be 22 000 sq m.    

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Adam111 :
Obiekt o naprawdę wysokim standardzie, niejedno miasto będzie mogło pozazdrościć takiego biurowca. Apel do inwestora ! - budujcie też w innych częściach Polski :)!
August 19, 2012 at 6:40 PM
Anastazja :
Świetny ten filmik z Alchemią!! Bardzo profesjonalnie zrobiony. Pogratulować:)
August 8, 2012 at 12:43 PM