ECO The office healthy for its employees.

Apart from price and location, tenants consider more and more often a number of other factor. One of them is the influence of a workplace on employees' health.


For every employer, work efficiency of their employees is very significant. In order to enhance it, one should devote more attention to health and mood of employees. Conditions offered by a room may be of decisive importance, too. Eval Litwin, Vice-President of Adgar Investments & Developments, points to a number of solutions that influence employees’ health and, consequently, their effectiveness.

The first factor is location of a building. Litwin observes that renting a place in a city centre is not always the best solution; employees are subject to bigger noise, which causes additional tiredness. Moving offices to business districts, which reduce noise disturbing employees seems to be a good idea.

The access to light and fresh air in a room is also an important factor. While choosing an office, one should pay attention to green areas nearby. Litwin adds that it is very important to have windows in a room that would guarantee as much sunlight as possible and that would be tilt-turn, allowing for the circulation of fresh air.

Litwin points to the possibility of steering the temperature in every room. He adds that the lack of such solutions may be particularly strenuous in the case of open-space offices, where there are significant temperature differences in different points of the room. Dividing the space into smaller units equipped with separate systems of temperature steering is considered as the best solution.

Apart from that, the idea of smaller rooms is supported by the lower noise level. It is difficult to concentrate in a room where more than 4-5 employees work. In the case of open space offices, it is worth using a suitable arrangement of desks or acoustical sound enclosures in order to reduce noise and rustle as much as possible.

It is very important for employees to use their breaks. It is significant not to spend the entire day in one position in front of the computer; one should use one’s free time to get some fresh air or give one’s organism some exercise. Besides, a break can be used to eat something, which consequently has a positive impact on work effectiveness.

Vice-President ofAdgar Investments & Developments points to positive impact of sport on employee’s well-being. The office in the vicinity of leisure facilities such as a gym or a swimming pool, which can be used by the employees, is a good solution.

The last factor mentioned by Eval Litwin in this list is ergonomics in the office. It is related to the use of suitable furniture and appropriate space configuration of equipment in a workplace. 

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Karol71 :


To prawda...wygodny fotel w biurze to podstawa, sam wiem coś o tym najlepiej po tylu latach pracy w biurze widzę jak się to zmieniło, na szczęście na lepsze.

Rzeczywiście poprawił się komfort pracy, nie wiem czy to nie wynika z jakiś przepisów, że pracodawca powinien dbać o zdrowie pracownika i stąd te zmiany...
August 10, 2012 at 12:05 PM
Andrzej :
To prawda...wygodny fotel w biurze to podstawa, sam wiem coś o tym najlepiej po tylu latach pracy w biurze widzę jak się to zmieniło, na szczęście na lepsze.
August 8, 2012 at 1:47 PM