ECO A sports and leisure centre in Alchemia

The visualization depicts Alchemia.
The visualization depicts Alchemia.
In the Alchemia complex in Tricity, there will be a sports and leisure centre. It will be the biggest centre of this type in office buildings in Poland.

There are works being conducted related to building another floors of Atrium and Platinium, two towers of the Alchemia complex in Gdańsk.At the same time, in a four-floor common part, a  sports and leisure centreof the area of 5000 sq.m is being built. The centre will have a sports hall, size 19,5 x 35 m, where a climbing room will be created (it will be possible to use it for events or conferences).

Besides, the centre will include fitness, cardio and a gym. The changing room of the sports and leisure centre will be intended both for users of the building and visitors. Apart from that, there will be a five-track swimming pool. Next to it, two other smaller recreational swimming pools will be built  and equipped with water jets, sauna and recreational room.

Monika Brzozowska from the Torus company, a developer of Alchemia, says: The sports and leisure part of Alchemia will be an integral part of the whole building. We hope that it will be actively used both by our tenants’ employees and inhabitants of Tricity.

The sports and leisure zone is freely available. It can be reached from ul. Kołobrzeska near the SKM station.

Apart from the described centre enabling active spending of time, Alchemia will offer restaurants with a function of a canteens. A kindergarten situated on the 1st floor of the common part is intended to be an additional convenience for its employees.    

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