ECO Mokotowska Square - an office building full of elegance

Mokotowska Square is an architectural gem of Śródmieście.
Mokotowska Square is an architectural gem of Śródmieście.
An over-sevventy-year-old building in the centre of Warsaw has regained its former splendour.

The office building Mokotowska Square In Warsaw, put into use at the turn of 2011 and 2012, clearly refers to the style of townhouses from the last century. Two years of work of the RD bud company have led to an expected effect, and a former seat of the Office of International Trade undoubtedly became a real  architectural gem of the central part of the city, Śródmieście.

In 2009, the company RD bud started to adapt the building to the changing image of Warsaw. According o the investor’s policy, ecological materials and latest architectural solutions were used. The investor, the Yareal Polska company, received a prestigious award CEEQA in the category of “The bestoffice investment of 2011” as well as the environmental certificate BREEAM “Good” for inventiveness and the beautifully renovatd style of the investment at the intersection of streets Mokotowska and Krucza.

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