PKO BP gave a loan to Wikana Business Park.

Henpol Ltd. is the general contractor.
Henpol Ltd. is the general contractor.
Wikana Invest company recieved an investment credit of over 53.5 million zlotych for financing up to 75% net expenditures for the construction of Centrum Biurowe Wikana Business Park in Lublin.


Realisation of the I and II stage of Wikana Business Park's construction on Lublin subzone of Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna Europark Mielec's grounds begun in spring 2012.

- Recieving an investment credit for developer investments is a no small feat these days. We treat the acquisition of financing from such a renowned partner as PKO BP as a proof of Wikana Group's large development potential. It also confirms our belief in Wikana Business Park project's lucrativity - says Tomasz Grodzki, Wikana SA Vice President. Wikana Business Park's total usable area will amount to 14 000 m2. Apart from two office buildings there will be a Logistics Park in the form of a warehouse with office-social facilities as well, also with an area of 14 000 m.

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