New office in Lublin

Willowa 65
Willowa 65
A new office and service building is arising at Willowa Street in Lublin. It will be commissioned at the end of 2015.

The office, which is being realized by Nieruchomości Mieczysław Daniel, is called Willowa 65 and it is located on Sławin housing estate vis a vis Botanical Garden. At present, the building of the structure is being carried out. The tenants may move into the building in the fourth quarter of 2015.


We are currently on the stage of selecting tenants. According to land development plan, only companies which run a service activity may be located there, that is i.a. from the area of education, finance, administration or commerce – comments Mieczysław Daniel, an investor.


The author of the architectural project in Inwel studio from Lublin.


The building will have three tiers – two aboveground and one underground. They will jointly offer nearly 1000 sq. m which will be adopted freely to the needs of the tenants. Moreover, the structure has facilitations for disabled and large car park.

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