RTV Euro AGD office in Lublin

JPBC Business Center in Lublin
JPBC Business Center in Lublin
RTV Euro AGD company rented 1000 sq. m in Lublin JPBC office. A modern and more complex version of Call Center will be located in it.

The lease agreement has been signed for 5 years with the option to extend it for another period.


The center, which is used in contacts with clients of RTV Euro AGD company, will hire 140 people, who will be in touch with clients not only by telephone, but also by e-mails, communicators and chats. Employees will serve complaints, organize supply and provide clients various information concerning products and services offered by shop. Moreover, account handlers’ workplaces were equipped with technologically advanced equipment, i.a. in headphones, which take sounds without noise.


Lublin, as location for our Contact Center, has been chosen after a careful analysis. Before making a decision, we had conducted a recognition of the potential which have cities, in which we may open a new Contact Center. A significant asset of Lublin was the fact that many companies have their Customer Care Centers here, thanks to which RTV Euro AGD may also count on many candidates with appropriate competences. Additionally, as an employer, we have a very positive experience in this region – our employees in Lublin are people eager to work and develop, and very kind, with high proprieties, which perfectly match RTV Euro AGD employee’s profile – says Bożena Potapczuk, Operations Director of RTV Euro AGD.


RTV Euro AGD is one of the largest retail networks in Poland, offering electronic and household equipment. In the whole Poland, the company hires over 4 500 people. After the Contact Center commission, the total number of the network’s employees in Lublin Voivodship will amount to nearly 260 people.

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