ECO PLGBC Awards 2012

By October 8, one may submit buildings and projects which will take part in a contest organized by PLGBC.

During the annual Green Building Symposium, on October 9, in the Copernicus Science Centre in Warsaw, we will get to know the winners of the current edition of PLGBC Awards 2012. The prizes, awarded in eleven categories, aim at promoting modern ecological solutions in building industry.

The PLGBC Green Building Awards 2012 will be awarded in the following categories:

  1. The best ecolocical building withe the LEED certificate
  2. The best ecological certificate with the BREEAM certificate
  3. The best ecolocical building with the pre-certificate (LEED, DGNB)
  4. The best ecological building with no certification
  5. The best ecological interior
  6. The best ecological project
  7. The best ecological student project
  8. The best pro-ecological initiative in a company – involvement in ecological building industry*
  9. „Green” Developer of the Year
  10. „Green” Architect of the Year
  11. „Green” Product of the Year

PLGBC is an organization working on promoting of designing, building and using in accordance with the norms sustainable development in the whole Poland. At the same time, buildings and projects submitted toPLGBC Awards 2012 contest present the latest trends in contemporary architecture and are a confirmation of new requirements for buildings and their interiors put by their users.

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