Gór-Stal in Cracow's SSE

Gór-Stal is going to invest over 44 million zł in Bochnia
Gór-Stal is going to invest over 44 million zł in Bochnia
Bochnia. It is the second company which is going to operate business activity in Bochnia's subzone


Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny has expressed its approval for operating activity by Gór-Stal sp. z o.o. company in the special economic zone. Active on the market since year 2003, the company is going to invest over 44 million PLN in Bochnia subzone and will increase employment by at least 50 workers. Gór-Stal manufactures technically and ecologically advanced composite panels with polyurethane core. The panels are being used in construction of structures like supermarkets, hipermarkets, warehouses, logistics halls, manufacturing halls or plants.

The company makes use of the most modern technology lanes in Europe, provided by Hennecke GmbH, a part of german Bayer conzern.

Permission to operate business activity for Gór-Stal company is the 111th permission issued by the Board of Krakowski Park Technologiczny since the beginning of the partnership's existence, and the eleventh this year. For Bochnia's subzone is already the second permission. Previously, a permission to operate there has been granted to Werner Kenkel Południe company.

Krakowska Specjalna Strefa Ekonomiczna functions since 1997. The zone covers an area of 558.71 hectares and is being managed by Krakowski Park Technologiczny. Among others, Comarch, RR Donnelley, Motorola, Shell or MAN Trucks operate their businesses here. Close to 2 billion PLN have already been invested and over 10 000 workplaces have been created in the zone. Any company, regrdless of size,  can recieve a permission to operate business activity in Cracow's SSE, however it should be noted that small and medium enterprises can count on a greater level of state aid.


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