Start-up Safari in Cracow

Cracow Technology Park
Start-up Safari in KPT
Start-up, an event in which officials and local commissions responsible for innovations in Małopolska took part, was held in Cracow Technology Park on 9th February. After the meeting, everyone joined a trip organized around functioning start-ups in Cracow.

A joint session of Development and Innovation Commission of the City Council of Cracow and Commission for Innovation and Modern Technology of the Voivodeship Sejmik in Małopolska was inaugurated by the speech of Krzysztof Krzysztofiak, vice-president of the board in Cracow Technology Park and Bartosz Józefowski, manager in KTP Technology Incubator. Their presentations aroused many questions from representatives of commissions concerning the ways of financing, percentage interest in the market and number of employees in start-up society. All possible doubts were dispelled by presentations of such companies like Sharptec, DrOmnibus and Innovation Nest, the representatives of which shared with their experience as well as observations and talked about beginnings of their start-up partnerships.


The notion „start-up” and its environment radically increased and developed within last two years. Such companies have not had a great development potential so far. Today – thanks to modern methods concerning designing of a product, management of a company and more flexible capital financing – start-ups are increasing in a very fast pace all over the world. In Poland, they have a very positive influence on a local economy. The spark which enhances the local labor market is diversification of the offer for the most capable graduates from Cracow universities. There is a variety on our business market which results from innovativeness of companies. This studio visit is planned in order to meet representatives of this environment as well as possible and judge their economic potential for the city and region – says Bartosz Józefowski.


The most important part of Start-up Safari were visits and meetings with entrepreneurs in place of their work, that is where the innovations are created. The successes of companies, their creativity and variety of activities made a great impression on members of both commissions. The guests noticed that Zabłocie, industrial district in Cracow, is full of life and new ideas again.  


Among companies which presented their activities there were i.a. Pirx3D, Vormlab (Clime), DuckieDeck,, hub:raum Kraków,, Tail and Koala Metrics. The crucial points were also areas intended for work: Colab and Wytwórnia.


Moreover, there was a discussion at the end of the event, which was accurately summed up by Krzysztof Krzysztofiak: Cracow Technology Park organized Start-up Safari in order to bring closer the start-up society to town and voivodeship councilors. We are able to notice big corporations and great brands every day. It is easy to forget that these huge businesses were founded in the past, in some cities and they were starting on a small scale. At present, Cracow is a melting pot of brave and ambitious entrepreneurship. It is a good beginning of cooperation which is aimed at usage of the economic potential concerning new companies in our city.    

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