Extension of the building at al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia

Skanska decided to build an extension of Institute of High Pressure Physics PAN in Warsaw.

Space of Institute of High Pressure Physics in Warsaw has to expand for additional 400sqm. The end of works is planned on November 2013. Investor is Institute of High Pressure Physics, and contract is amounted to 3,5 million zł net.

Within this investment, it is planned to build 4-tier building and to overhaul an elevation. The structure has in its neighbourhood a busy road, and it is equipped in high acoustic isolation.

There will be representative part for the guests, conference rooms, administrative, technical and domestic rooms as well as the storeroom in the building. There will be also three double guest rooms.

Within the technical infrastructure, we'll build a car parking with 60 parking places, internal road and pavements - says Kamil Pawłowski, Assistant of Site Manager, Skanska. We'll also rebuild rainwater sewage system drainage the whole area: we'll do a separator of petroleum derivative substances with sandblasting for rainwater from the car parking. The area of the investment will be lightened and equipped in monitoring.

Skanska company will also build an exceptive lane of road from al. Prymasa Tysiąclecia, 3 metres in width and 50 metres in length.

Skanska runs actively in Masovia. Despite of planned extension, they also deal with Atrium office, Park Ostrobramska housing estate, Tax Office and Education Centre and Interdisciplinary Research UKSW in Warsaw.

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