Creative office

Office designed by Magdalena Bilczewska
Open space designed by Magdalena Bilczewska
MediaHUB, multimedia office in a centre of Łódz, presents offices for creative people.

Modern office is not only a lease space in a convenient location. Space functionality, advanced IT infrastructure and work atmosphere are things which count too. Łódz's office is erecting according to new business day philosophy. It creates a place of business inspirations for modern companies, giving a possibility of running a business in prestigious conditions and comfort work in an unusual surroundings - confirms Marta Kruk, Chairperson of FilmHotel, representative of office investor MediaHUB.

Openspaces, specialized technical base and discretionary of arrangements can be found in Łódz's offices. Modern, multimedia building MediaHUB will offer 10 storeys, 4 000sqm of space and high throughput links. Main investor is a technological company  - TOYA ensuring an access to advanced IT infrastructure and fibre-optic connectors to crucial objects.

Selection of style is usually connected with its functionality, so individual treatment of designed spaces gives a possibility of optimal adjusting it to company's needs. Eclectic style of interiors allows a great flexibility. Creating modern spaces reflects a type of business and character of company, and at the same time it serves effective work - says Magdalena Bilczewska, interior architect.

MediaHUB office is located in a city centre of Łódz. In a close neighbourhood are located companies from a new media sector such as TOYA, Łódzkie Centrum Filmowe, Opus Film and Wytwórnia club. The structure is generally designed as IT companies and for those creative ones, it is reflected in free interior arrangement.

Our visualizations are only an exemplary presentation, how MediaHUB office can be arranged. Flexibility is very important, and due to that we ensure leaseholders a possibility of free arrangement of interiors. It allows optimal adjusting of spaces for needs and expectations of company and its employees - says Marta Kruk.

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