RICS standards in Poland

RICS promotes a code aimed at brokers and estate agents.

Set of standards, created by RICS, is functioning on the international property market since October 2011 and already 90 companies in Europe implemented it to its activity. REABS (RICS Real Estate Agency & Brokerage Standards) is a set of principles, which should be obey by all agents in property sales. It aims to increase standards and quality of services offered to customers.

Property market in Poland, especially in the economic slow is exposed on many factors which put the test reliability and honesty of agents towards customers and business colleagues. In the times of increased competition on the property market and unceasing rivalry about the customer some unethical tendencies emerged, both in sale transactions and in lease intermediation of large office, storage or retail spaces. Therefore, promoting and employing set of the best principles and activities prepared by RICS becomes more important - said Monika Dębska-Pastakia, FRICS, Chairwoman of the Board RICS Polska, Partner and Board President of Knight Frank. Implementing of REABS standards on the Polish property market would enable us on bigger transparency,and at the same time increasing attractiveness for international and domestic investors.

Problems which arouse during relation on the property market are i.a. lack or not employing principles concerning conflict of trades, taking extra benefits by agents or lack of the payment by leaseholders.

We hope that REABS standards will be swiftly implemented on the Polish market and in practice they will be used by estate agents. Due to this we'll make property market in our region more attractive for investors - said Monika Dębska-Pastakia.

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