Office created by employees

Photography by Piotr Lisowski
Maersk deals with international water transport/ photo by Piotr Lisowski
Project of Maersk new office was coordinated by its employees thanks to which office adjusted to their needs was created.

Architecture team consisting of employees from Maersk Polska, during the cooperation with architect Zbigniew Kostrzewa, has been coordinated works of new office for the company for over half of the year. The result of this cooperation is a space of 1 200sqm, adjusted for needs of 80 employees.

Works connected with the new office has begun in April 2012. Centre of Warsaw's Mokotów was chosen as a location - Empark Mokotów Business Park. New office offers 400sqm of space more than previous one. Project was based on questionnaires filled by employees and coordinated by a 7-people team.

Surveys allowed to create a fixed plan of relocation. Their results showed that our employees had expected mostly an open space, details connected with marine traditions or pre-ecological solutions. All opinions were conveyed to the architect - says Joanna Jurewicz, Team leader.

Architect Zbigniew Kostrzewa, prizewinner of Red Dot Design Award 2012, cooperated with a team. Marine Logistic are subjects, which during the process of designing are difficult to transfer on interiors, mainly because of huge elements or character of material. From another point of view, orders such as Maersk, required from the architect an amazing level of creativeness. A help from Maersk design team turned out to be very crucial. Ideas and expectations transferred by employees inspired and enabled to verify some of the concepts. The result of this cooperations is an original, and comfort work place with a true marine character, from which as a creator I'm proud of - says architect Zbigniew Kostrzewa.

Employees are pleased with new office and with cooperation with architect. Part of our ideas was transferred on spacial plan. However, we were very pleased with architect's concept of inclusion to interiors elements connected with marine activities and Scandinavian roots of the company - says Joanna Jurewicz.

Team leader confirms that the most important was to guarantee a comfort for the team, which was achieved. We also improved communication in the office and created conference rooms. A space for brand from the same family was also created. New office has been ready-made from the half of the October.

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