Polish office market guidebook

DTZ company presents a publication Przewodnik – Rynek Biurowy w Polsce. It shows the biggest office markets in the country - eg. Warsaw, Cracow and Wroclaw.

Publication published by DTZ a UGL company presents a situation on the office market in Poland. „Przewodnik – Rynek Biurowy w Polsce” (Guidebook - Office Market in Poland) shows the most crucial property commercial markets in our country, such as Warszawa, Kraków, Wrocław or Lublin.

Poland has a leading place in many rankings of investment attractiveness in Europe. Bearing in mind reliable macroeconomic base and beneficial prognosis, we predict that property office market in Poland will develop in a balanced pace, adjusting to supply and demand's trends - says Anna Staniszewska, Director Consulting & Research Department of DTZ.

Data concerning macroeconomic index figures for analysed cities and information about office supply, with specification of existing offices and those in the process of building. The publication consists also of vacancies and height of asking leases. In attachment there is map with a list of the largest exisiting and planned office investments.

DTZ analysts noted a high level of demand on office spaces and increased activity of developers on Warsaw's market and in regional cities. Publication counts differences between those markets in a mature level and diversity and volume of leaseholders.

DTZ runs on the commercial property market within intermediation lease services, consulting and Facility Management i Property Management. Additionally, company creates publications forecasting and describing commercial property market.

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