Administrator of Iris office chosen

Celtic Property Developments S.A. has chosen Savills company as an administrator of Iris building in Warsaw.

Savills company has chosen as an administrator of the Iris office in Warsaw by the owner of the building -  Celtic Property Developments. Savills management team will deal with complex property management and lease. It means that i.a. implementing of procedures, collecting and management of data, organization of tender and solving of technical problems in first months of buildings' usability.

Iris is a third stage of Cybernetyka Office Park investment in Warsaw. The structure is located at the crossroads of Cybernetyka and Postęp Street in Mokotów district. Building will offer 14 300sqm on five floors. There are 2 900sqm of modern office space enabling free space arrangement on each floor. There are also 125 parking spaces in the underground car parking, and 108 ground level parking spaces.

Milena Sikora, Senior Property Director in Savills, says: We're glad that we expand cooperation with Celtic on management their newest office building Iris. Building was designed with using the newest architectonic solutions according to criteria of buildings certification in a BREEAM system, ensuring by it the highest standard of the building.

Savills offers fully integrated and specific solutions, which face law's expectations, lead to the cost-cutting and improve a strategy connected with social engagement and customer's responsibility. We use a dedicated system of management of Savills' properties, offer our customers a clear and modern system of property management - adds Renata Kusznierska, Director of Retail Space Department and Property Management in Savills.

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