Vernissage within official inauguration

Official inauguration of the building at Płowiecka Street in Warsaw will take place on 5th January 2013, it will be linked with a closed vernissage and then with exhibition.

Opening of the building at Płowiecka 109B Street in Warsaw will take place on 5th January. It will be inaugurated by a closed vernissage, and subsequently in days from 6 to 12 January 2013 exhibition "Unlimited space of art" ("Nieograniczona przestrzeń sztuki”) can be watched. Exibition is organized by Unlimited Art Space.

Exhibition presents exceptional works of modern Polish artists. You can watch also paintings, sculptures and installations of i.a. Ewa Chełmecka, Faustyn Chełmecki, Andrzej Cisowski, Kvetoslav, Tomek Sikorski, Agnieszka Tazbir, Waldemar Umiastowski, Maciej Wilski i Karolina Wodzinowska-Hankała.

Sightseers will have a chance to see works which speak through different means of message: paintings, sculptures, installation as well as different artistic attitudes. Artists were inspired by mass culture, technical development of our lives and cultures of Far East. Through diversity of artistic forms exhibition creates interesting and multicoloured whole.

Works are presented in industrial space of the new built building at Płowiecka 109B Street in Warsaw. Investor before putting structure into use for commercial aims decided to make empty space available for artists. After finishing the exhibition, part of the building will be leased, and other part will continue to be a space of artistic studio "Art Space".

The structure at Płowiecka Street will offer two tiers: storage spaces will be located on first tier and office spaces on the second tier. A total space amounts to 790sqm. Building is located near Rondo Marsa (Marsa Roundabout).

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