ECO Infosys Green Horizon opened!

Office interior of Infosys Green Horizon
Opening of a modern office complex for companies from the outsourcing sector took place on the 12th December.

Łódz gained a modern office complex. Official opening of the Skanska Property Poland investment took place on the 12th December, it will be designed for companies from the outsourcing sector. Main leaseholder will be Infosys BPO Poland. The plan postulates that in the nearest months work in the complex will start about 2000 people.

Infosys Green Horizon is located at Solidarności Roundabout in Łódz. A total office complex space amount to 33 000sqm and consists of two buildings, executed in two stages. Structure A has 19 000sqm, where 16 000sqm will be designed for offices, however structure B has 14 000sqm. The planned finalization of the investment will be in the II quarter of 2013. Building has a pre-certification LEED on the Gold level. The office is aimed at companies from the business service sector. It has a great location, closeness to communication links, high quality of space and a large discretion in interior's arrangement.

During the execution of the investment we paid attention to this that in every stage of the project, building will be adjusted to the needs of the main leaseholders. From the very beginning representatives of Infosys BPO Poland were engaged in a process of planning and creating another elements of complex - says Waldemar Olbryk, Chairperson of Skanska Property Poland. We created an office, which characterizes with the highest level of functionality and offers a great comfort of work. Another feature of project are so called green solutions. It's the first building in Łódz which has a gold pre-certification LEED. It constitutes not only a confirmation of the highest standard of applied technologies, but it also results from the responsible strategy of our company connected with the concept of sustainable development.

Infosys Green Horizon will also receive a certification of European Commission EU Green Building, which means that building uses 25% energy less than it is forecast by domestic norms. "Green" solutions employed in a building are i.a. energy-saving heating systems and ventilation, water humidifiers (adiabatic), automatic light switches and using warm air from the offices for heating the garages.

Infosys BPO Poland has 16 000sqm of space. Opening of the new business office of Infosys BPO Poland is a milestone in a company's history and a symbolic summary of transition which took place in Łódz's centre. Infosys provides more advanced services and gains a crucial meaning in a global structures of organization. Moreover, increasing of employment to 2000 people we'll become the fifth the biggest employer in a modern service sector in Poland - says Krystian Bestry, Managing Director of Infosys BPO Poland -  Moving to a building prepared by Skanska will enable on focus of all employees of Łódz's unit in one office, execution of our further recruitment plans, and it will also ensure a comfort in workplace for company's specialists.

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