Appreciation for MediaHUB

MediaHUB office was awarded in Punkt dla Łodzi plebiscite, which shows a clear points on the city's map.

"Punkt dla Łodzi" plebiscite has been taking place since 2009, and this time the building at Łąkowa 29 Street has been awarded. Simultaneously, it's the first time in a competition's history that an award goes to a new building, because earlier only renovated and adapted buildings were awarded.

Aim of this social initiative is presenting to Łódz's citizens a clear points on the city's map and expressing support for engaged of worthy actions here - says Marek Jurkiewicz, co-organisator of the plebiscite. - We decided to award the building at Łąkowa 29 Street as an example of investor's action who cares about a movie past in the neighbourhood, during many Łódz's enterprisers who seek for a quick income, destroy elements of city's cultural heritage.

We're proud to received this award - says Marta Kruk, an investor's representative of MediaHUB office - As a company who runs on the area of former Wytwórnia Filmów Fabularnych (Fiction Movie Studio), we believe that it is our obligation to cherish about the character of this place and remembrance about the building. It has become an inspiration to create a movie facade.

Building at Łąkowa 29 Street consists of two independent parts - office and hotel. Facade of the building is glass and consists of 10 000 modules, with a space of 1sqm each.

Jury of the competition consisted of following members: Małgorzata Hanzl – Institute of Architecture and Urban Planning, Łódz Technical University, Maria Morzuch – Museum of Art in Łódz, Włodzimierz Adamiak – Piotrkowska Street Fund, Jerzy Grzegorski – East Gallery, Krzysztof Candrowicz – Łódź Art Center, Andrzej Chętko – The Władysław Strzemiński Academy of Fine Arts  and Jakub Polewski – social conservator of monuments.

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